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Glacier Rope Slip Lead Handmade in USA for medium to extra large dogs.
Glacier Climbing Rope Slip Lead for Medium to Extra Large Dogs.

Rope Slip Leads for the Big Dogs.

Rope slip leads are a popular choice among animal rescue groups, dog kennels and K9 trainers; this type of leash can be a helpful tool for managing newly rescued dogs when a regular leash and collar is not suitable or available.

A slip leash helps ensure the handler can control these awesome dogs.

People who volunteer much of their time (Thank You!), their lives or who professionally rescue and rehabilitate dogs understand better than most that a newly rescued dogs personality and history are unknown, these dogs are often frightened; a slip leash helps ensure the handler can control these awesome dogs.

Climbing rope is an ideal material for dog leashes and will not pinch or snag a dogs fur. The stainless steel welded O ring reduces friction allowing the slip lead to release immediately after a correction is given or when the dog is relaxed and not pulling. Stainless steel O rings are fully welded with a breaking strength of 800lbs.

The “paracord keeper” is made with 550 mil spec paracord, and grips the leash helping to hold the slip lead in place. Paracord was originally used to make suspension lines on parachutes. The number 550 indicates the nylon cords minimum breaking strength in pounds. These are a very simple design, rugged, and very effective.These are easily replaced if ever needed.

An optional carabiner can replace the normal loop handle allowing more flexibility in how the leash is used; this is an option intended for K9 trainers working daily with dogs and not so much for regular walks where the loop handle would be best.

The design of our slip leads, and the method of assembly is original to us.

Our climbing rope slip leads are a very straight forward design. The durability and quality of materials we use is better than most anything found in your local pet store. The design of our slip leads, and the method of assembly is original to us, and often copied. If you are not purchasing direct from us, you’re not purchasing an original MyDogsCool dog leash.

Slip leads when used correctly are designed to loosen immediately after a correction or when the dog is not pulling. This style leash is most commonly used with animal rescue teams, dog training, kennels and transport of adopted or fostered dogs. 

If you don’t see what you want, please contact us.

Build Your Dog Leash

American Style Slip Lead

  • 4ft Slip Lead designed with climbing rope and 1 inch welded stainless steel O-ring.
    To customize this lead select from the options in the drop down menu.
    Price: $29.95
  • Select the Length of your Custom Slip Lead. Note: Slip Leads 6ft and under work best for most training and kennel work.
  • If the color you prefer is not listed in the drop down menu, it may be out of stock. Ask us to double check, we're happy to do so.
  • A black locking carabiner converts your slip lead into a multi purpose working leash. This removes the loop handle. Ideal for Animal Rescue or K-9 Pro's working in kennels or rescuing lost or stray dogs on the street. For routine dog walks this option may not be helpful.
  • $0.00

More Information

Specifications and Materials:

• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Rope Slip Leash diameter: 9.5mm – 10.5mm
• Length: 4 feet of working leash based on a dogs 18 inch neck diameter.

• Rope Material: Multi-Stranded Nylon/Polymer Fibers. Meets UIAA standards.
• Rope Manufacturer’s Origin: USA
• O-ring: 1 inch welded stainless steel ring.

• Custom Paracord Keeper: 750lb 11 strand paracord meets US Military Specification.
• Optional Carabiner: 3.5 inch/89mm Black Aluminum Forged with Locking Screw Gate.
• Selecting the optional working slip lead removes the loop handle for use of the carabiner.

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Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Kayla Lowery on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Perfect for Lots of Dog Walking!

I love this leash so much! I have been using it for a some time now and I couldn't be happier with it. I work at a shelter and our issued leashes have leather pieces that hold the leash together and I seem to wear those pieces down so quickly. I love that this leash has metal attachments. It makes it so much more durable when you are using a leash so much. I plan on grabbing another in the near future!

Thanks Kayla for the awesome review! The slip leads are designed for people like yourself who frequently work with, and help dogs in a shelter environment, or who just want a sturdy and reliable dog leash.

Thank You!

by Shar Moore on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Slip lead

I'm a little behind as I received my slip lead a little over a week ago. BUT.... I absolutely love it! The quality is exceptional. Also, I had asked for a couple custom additions which turned out perfect and just as I had hoped. I couldn't be more pleased.
Thank you for your service and honored to support products made in the USA.

We appreciate the kind words and your business; they both help with our efforts to support local no kill dog shelters. We are happy to know the slip leash is liked and hope you and your dog make good use of it.

Thanks So Much!
Josh Sterling

by Mike on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Great products!

First things first ........ Thank you for your service! My wife and I are proud of our Veterans.

Second ........ Thank you for an awesome made in the USA product! Barring abuse, your products will last a life time which makes them worth every penny. These are not fake, imitation, "inspired" climbing rope leads, these are the real deal. Strong, well made, great looking, simply an outstanding product.

We ordered one 4ft slip-lead, one 4ft leash, and one 6ft leash from you. So far, the 4ft slip-lead has been our go-to lead. It has everything we need and nothing we don't. Our newly adopted Bull Terrier from our local no-kill shelter does very well on this.

Thanks again for your service and a great product!

Thanks Mike! Customers like you, and your wife make all the difference in what we do. Your support and kind words are appreciated. ~ Josh

by Jorge and Tracy on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Slip Lead

Received our leash and have taken our Emma on several walks. Fantastic product. Will never deal with another leash company again.

Customers forever.

Wow! Thank you. Thanks for the opportunity to provide your dog Emma with a custom slip lead. Its awesome to know we have customers like yourself! Thanks so much!

by Meagan on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Just received my leash today and I love it!

Hi Josh,

Just received my leash today and I love it!!

It is great on my Belgian Sheepdogs (same as the Malinois, but long hair and black.) The hair doesn't stick to the mountain rope like it will with other materials, and the ring is large enough that the hair doesn't get caught up in it. The paracord wrap also is tight enough that the leash stays up behind the ears so it can be more effective for correction. I have a leather one that the wrap just flaps around so it is ineffective.

Lastly the thing I probably like the most is the thickness of the lead! I have horses so, I didn't want a horse rope slip collar which most of them are made from the same type rope and this is definitely not! It is easy to hold on to with a good grip, and yet thin enough that if you want to just use a couple fingers to make mild corrections you can do that too.

It reminds me of super sensitive fishing line, compared to the crappy stuff. You can feel the dog going out faster then with a traditional leash, and correct that behavior quicker!

Thank you for your product, and will be ordering again soon!!


by Emily on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Top Notch!

This is our second MyDogsCool product and it's as great or maybe even better than the first (if that's even possible). Great slip lead, amazing quality to even withstand a puppy who takes his "teething" seriously! Top notch product, top notch customer service, top notch company. They do it right.

Thanks so much for taking time to share your opinion - its appreciated! We always like getting feed back on our custom dog leashes. :-) Keep an eye on that puppy, they can chew right through an anchor chain if given the chance. :-)

by Richard on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Strong and reliable.

Brilliant lead, strong and a pleasure to use even in wet conditions. Carabiner is brilliant light and strong and awesome when you need to tie up your hound.

Excellent service too, dilivered to the UK in less than a week and at Christmas time too.

Thanks Richard, that's terrific! Im glad to hear the custom slip lead meets your approval and that it found its way to the UK so quickly! Thank you so much for your business, its appreciated.

by Anita Patterson on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Rescue Heaven!

I just ordered three 6 foot slip leads. Two as gifts for fellow animal rescue volunteers and one for myself. I am thrilled with the quality. I work with a lot of strong dogs that pull and the general run of the mill nylon slip leads are simply not durable and they stretch out. I have been searching for something made really well. This is it and it is made in the USA by a vet! I am going to tell all of my fellow animal rescue volunteers about this wonderful product! Awesome color selections too so people won't mistake your leash for theirs on the job. Just Awesome for the price too!

Thanks Anita!! As an animal rescuer your comments and assessment of our custom slip leads means alot to us. It's nice to know that you and your fellow animal rescuers are on the job. People like yourself make a difference to these animals and we're honored our dog leads can be of some help to the rescue work you do.

by Steve on Climbing Rope Slip Leads
Fantastic Slip Lead

Amazing quality, sturdy and unique sums up this slip lead.

Thank You! That means a lot to us. We honestly appreciate the feed back and hope you and your dog make good use of the slip lead. ~ Josh Sterling

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