Sour Apple Climbing Rope Dog Leash. Made in USA by
Sour Apple Dog Leash. Four foot walking leash built with 10mm green & yellow climbing rope & 316 stainless steel clip.

Sour Apple Climbing Rope Dog Leash.

Built with 10mm yellow & green mountain climbing rope, 316 stainless steel clip, and customized rope connections. This four foot lead is ideal for most medium to extra large dogs. Optional Carabiner and custom lengths are available.
The best dog leashes come in a variety of different colors and designs. Mountain Climbing Rope is unique and offers superior strength, durability and a range of colors not always found in pet store dog leashes. The yellow and green color in this leash was reminiscent of the sour apple candy we had as a kid. Unlike the candy this leash is all quality.

Leash construction is important. We use customized aluminum rope connections for a permanent fit. Our customized connections are original. If you see what appears to be our leash design under a different name, it’s a copy.

Marine grade 316 stainless steel clips are a great choice for most medium to extra large dogs. With a 180lb working load these are considerably stronger than similar styled clips seen on most dog leashes.

For added strength, and safety carabiners are a good choice. If your strong dog is working on leash training but still pulls, or reacts in such a way as to require you to be on  high alert for anything that may trigger your dog to pull or become overly excited, a carabiner may be best type of clip. You wont have the swivel ability like a regular stainless steel clip, but you will have an exceptionally strong leash. If you need both the carabiner and the swivel action, you may need to consider upgrading to a nanoSwivel & carabiner combination. For most dogs the stainless steel clip is best.

To learn more about the clips we use please read The Best Dog Leash.

We believe dogs deserve the best, and think you will find our sour apple climbing rope dog leash as well as our other selection of fun and crazy dog leash names to be among the best made dog leashes in the USA. Thanks for considering our custom dog leashes!

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Sour Apple Climbing Rope Dog Leash

  • 4ft Walking Leash built with 10.5mm Climbing Rope and Stainless Steel Clip.
    To customize this leash select options from the drop down menus.
    Price: $29.95
  • Select the Length of your Custom Dog Leash
  • Select the style of Clip for your Custom Dog Leash.
  • $0.00

Specifications and Materials:

• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Rope diameter: 10mm
• Length: 4 foot walking leash. (optional lengths available)

• Swivel: High-Strength Aluminum, Stainless Steel Axle, Sealed Thrust Bearings, Strength 23kN, Working Load 3kN, Height 71mm, Width 37mm, Weight 1.65oz
• Carabiner: High-Strength Aluminum, Compact Design, Screw Gate Lock, Strength 24kN, Length 3.5 inch/89mm, Weight 1.53 oz.
• Handle Inner diameter: Aprox. 6.5″ to 7″ L x 3.5″ to 4″ W.
• Rope Material: Multi-Stranded Nylon/Polymer Fibers. Meets UIAA standards.

• Rope Manufacturer’s Origin: USA
• Snap Hook Material: 3.5 inch/89mm – Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.
• Custom Made in USA
• Color: Sour Apple – Yellow & Green

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Sour Apple Climbing Rope Dog Leash
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 2 reviews
by Diana Jergovic on Sour Apple Climbing Rope Dog Leash
Sour Apple Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Great item. Sturdy components (I took the carabiner option) and high quality work. Nice extra touches, the made in the USA tag is tastefully done and works well with the design. Shipping presentation was fun too. Would buy again.

by Kirsten Johnson on Sour Apple Climbing Rope Dog Leash
High Quality Excellent leash

This leash is the perfect addition to any mountain dog's equipment list.

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