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Heavy Duty RDog Leash for Extra Large Dogs. Handmade in USA.
Heavy Duty Dog Leash with 4 inch stainless steel locking swivel clip for Extra Large Dogs.

Heavy Duty Dog Leash designed for Extra Large Dogs built with a 4 inch solid stainless steel locking 360° swivel clip.

Not all dogs have the best training or ideal behavior, many will pull on leash or have high prey drives and some can be overly protective. With patience and good training these dogs can learn positive behavior skills making them easier to control. It’s often more common that our extra large dogs just want to greet every one they meet and don’t know their own strength. These dogs require a stronger and safer leash not always found in main stream pet stores, this heavy duty dog leash is built with climbing rope and ideal for extra large dogs.

A beast of a leash intended for extra large dogs weighing 90 lbs +

A heavy duty dog leash with a stainless steel locking swivel clip is heavier than a leash equipped with a carabiner made of forged aluminium. Both the carabiner and locking swivel clip are a perfectly good choice and comparable in strength and safety. Please be mindful that carabiners will not rotate without an optional nanoswivel and can contribute to a tangled leash. The use of a stainless steel locking swivel clip shown on this page is sometimes the better option and weighs approximately 6 ounces; twice as much as our compact carabiners or about the same weight as an iphone 7.

Please understand that we build leashes with a dogs safety in mind first.

The materials and parts we use are stronger and more reliable than what’s available in mass produced dog leashes built with the consumer in mind first, and the dog second. We build leashes that are both strong and with a clean industrial style that will hold up over years of use with the dogs safety in mind first.

A dogs leash is its life line between you and harm’s way. Should you have questions or concerns before placing an order please feel free to contact us.

Note: The locking sleeve on these swivels will occasionally need to be cleaned. Use a light lubricating oil on the two bearings that lock the clip in the open or locked position so that they function at their best.

Also check out our ultimate dog leash that works well with both medium to extra large dogs.

Feel free to contact us with questions or read some of our blog post for helpful tips.

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Heavy Duty Dog Leash

  • Heavy Duty Dog Leash (AKA The Beast) use a 4" solid stainless steel clip with a twist lock mechanism designed for Extra Large Dogs.
    To customize this leash select from the options in the drop down menu.
    Price: $34.95
  • Select the Length of your Safety Dog Leash
  • If the color you prefer is not listed in the drop down menu, it may be out of stock. Ask us to double check, we're happy to do so.
  • The optional second Loop Handle or Power Grip is built at the dogs end of the leash. This is great for crossing streets or when added control of your dog is needed.
  • $0.00

More Information

Specifications and Materials:

• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Rope diameter: 9.5 to 10.5mm
• Length: 4 foot walking leash. (optional lengths available)
• Handle Inner diameter: Aprox. 6.5″ to 7″ L x 3.5″ to 4″ W.

• Rope Material: Multi-Stranded Nylon/Polymer Fibers. Meets UIAA standards.
• Rope Manufacturer’s Origin: USA

• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Clip: 4″ 360° swivel twist lock clip for Extra Large Dogs.
• Made in USA

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Heavy Duty Dog Leash
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by RTS on MyDogsCool
Best Leash Out There

I have two of the carabiner leashes in different lengths. The rope feels great in your hand and very secure. I love the strength that the leash provides with the locking carabiner. Now the only thing to worry about is the harness or collars failing, perhaps they can create a harness or collar of a similar design. The craftsmanship and finish of the product is top notch. I'm so happy to be able to buy a high quality item like this, and that is made in the USA. The fact that its veteran owned and operated is huge plus. The wife wants a couple more in other colors so I'm sure I will be buying them later on. Do your pup and yourself a favor and get one of these, you wont regret it.

Thank You RTS! Your kind words are appreciated! Glad to know you and your wife like the dog leash. Thanks so much!! Josh Sterling

by Nicole on Slip Leads

Could not be more happy with the slip leash!!!!! would never want another kind of leash after the quality I have in this one. This was a gift from Dad :) very cool

Thanks So Much Nicole! It's Awesome you are happy with the slip leash! It's pretty cool that your Dad knew you would appreciate a gift for you and your dog!🐺 🐾

by Ayda Rezaimalek on Sky Blue Rope Dog Leash
Rope dog leash is awesome!

Rope dog leash is awesome! Definitely well-made and will last with our pup. Thanks! 💖

by Rob Kirk on MyDogsCool
Excellent quality leash and carabiner.

Excellent quality leash and carabiner. First off trail hike today with our 8 month old German Shepherd & Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He weighs about 60 lbs now and the leash was perfect for him. It was able to handle the winter brush, rocks and debris we hiked through on our way to see the ice floe jams along the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania. Thanks again for a great product.

by Shannon on MyDogsCool
US Made Product

Thank you for making a quality, US made product! We will be loyal clients :)

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