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4ft Black Raven Double Handle Rope Dog Leash built with 316 Stainless Steel Clip.

Double Handle Rope Dog Leash handmade in USA for the Big Dogs using climbing rope and a 3.5 inch stainless steel clip.

A double handle or power grip gives added control of the dog helping to keep the dog safe at our side. This is useful when crossing streets or maneuvering through crowded areas.

A double handle rope dog leash is recommend for any medium to extra large dog where maximum leash control is needed.

All of our double handle rope dog leashes can be customized for your Big Dog.

The option menus below start with a popular 4ft double handle rope dog leash with marine grade stainless steel 3.5 inch swivel clip. Please use the option menus to choose a color, length or different style clip that will work best for your big dog.

Carabiners are a popular upgrade, these are both strong and safe, but do not swivel. A non swiveling carabiner combined with the added handle may cause the leash to bind with small D-rings on the dogs collar or harness and especially for dogs with no leash training. If this is a concern then the basic 3.5 inch swivel clip is suggested or for extra large dogs consider upgrading to a heavy duty stainless steel locking swivel clip.

If you have questions about any of our leashes please feel free to contact us.

Build Your Dog Leash

Double Handle Rope Dog Leash

  • 4ft Double Handle Rope Dog Leash built with 10mm Climbing Rope and Stainless Steel Clip.
    To customize this leash select options from the drop down menus.
    Price: $34.95
  • Select the Length of your Custom Dog Leash
  • Select the Rope Color for Your Leash. Color Options are Shown Below.
  • Select the style of Clip for your Custom Dog Leash.
  • $0.00

More Information

Specifications and Materials:

• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Rope diameter: 9.5mm (Ideal for the largest of dogs)
• Length: 4 foot walking leash. (optional lengths available)
• Handle Inner diameter: Aprox. 6.5″ to 7″ L x 3.5″ to 4″ W.

• Rope Material: Multi-Stranded Nylon/Polymer Fibers. Meets UIAA standards.
• Rope Manufacturer’s Origin: USA
• Snap Hook Material: 3.5 inch/89mm – Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

• Optional Carabiner: 3.5 inch/89mm Black Aluminum Forged with Locking Screw Gate.

• Optional HD Swivel Clip: 4 inch Stainless Steel 360° Locking Swivel Clip

• Optional Quick Release: 3.5 inch/89mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel – 360° swivel – 800lb working load (for K9 Professionals)

•Optional nanoSwivel: High-Strength Aluminum, Stainless Steel Axle, Sealed Thrust Bearings, Strength 23kN, Working Load 3kN, Height 71mm, Width 37mm, Weight 1.65oz

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