Climbing Rope Dog Leashes Are Handmade For Medium To Extra Large Dogs.

We consider Big Dogs to be over 30 pounds. Dogs this size and larger are a great fit for most rope dog leashes equipped with our 3.5 inch stainless steel clip.

Carabiner dog leashes are an excellent upgrade for strong dogs that pull. We use a professional compact locking carabiners made of heat forged aluminum, these are only 3 oz weight.

Our rope slip leads are a popular choice and preferred with many dog trainers, animal rescue teams, veterinarian clinics and pet hospitals.

Large to extra large dogs that may have high prey drives or be overly protective may be safest using our Ultimate Dog Leash

To insure you are getting the best dog leash please use the option menus.

Selecting the Best Dog Leashes for Your Big Dog.

Most medium to extra large dogs do very well on our standard rope dog leashes equipped with a stainless steel swivel clip. This style leash in a 6 foot length is almost always recommended for basic obedience training and regular dog walks. Here’s a short review of our standard dog leash linking to a customers website.

Our Jaeger Dog Leash is a great choice for hiking or jogging and allows for hands free use when on the trail. This style leash is designed with climbing rope and worn over the shoulder or around the waist.

For the strong dogs that like to pull or have a strong prey drive, or just overly excited to see everyone; you might like our Double Handle Dog Leash, this is an option available on most all of our leashes and allows for easier control. This is also a great option to add on our Ultimate Dog Leash for extra large dogs.

For more information on our dog leashes please read our Rope Dog Leash Buyers Guide with Tips and Suggestions.

You can always contact us with any question you may have, we try to reply to all emails promptly and before the end of each day.

Thank You

Josh Sterling

We Support Local No Kill Dog Shelters and Wolf Education & Conservation.

Veteran Owned Business
Veteran Owned Business

Strong & Husky

Strong and comfy on my hands as a running leash for my Siberian Husky puppy that get stronger every day :)

by Tyson on Slip Leads

First impression is that this Black Raven slip lead is EXACTLY the quality and Made in the USA as described.

I have it wrapped under the Xmas tree for my GSD whose name is 7.

Also, I like the no nonsense transaction. Simple purchase, simple delivery. Well done.


by Shelby on
Love this leash. Its perfect!

Second time purchasing one of these leashes. They are amazing! I lost my last one on a AT hike. Had it for 3yrs prior. No fraying, stayed in perfect condition and I used it all the time. Very durable material. I’m sure this will last me for years to come as long as I don’t loose it again.

Looks Perfectly New

The recycled dog leash looks perfectly new and better than I expected 😊👍 and Made In USA.

by Stephen on Red & Blue Dog Leash
cool dog leash

Absolutely love it! Great quality, very durable and looks great. Very nice finishings. While walking on the street, people tell me what a cool leash it is. Thanks!

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