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Climbing Rope Dog Leashes

Designed for the Big Dogs, the perfect leash for medium to extra large dogs.

Our optional carabiners are the same forged aluminum and CE rated carabiners used in mountain climbing and a great option for large to extra large dogs. Carabiners are popular with people that enjoy hiking and exploring mountain trails and urban streets with their big dogs. We use a compact carabiner thats 3.5inch long and weighs aprox 1.53oz. These have a durable black powder coat finish that’s baked on, and a locking screw gate for added safety.

Our standard marine grade 316 stainless steel clips are above average in build quality and reliability. Pet store dog leashes use a less expensive, and weaker chrome or nickel plated clips. We prefer the stronger stainless steel clip, it’s more reliable and a perfect choice for most medium to large dogs. It’s a favorite.

The length of your dog leash, and how it’s used is important. Dog walking, training or hiking leashes are offered in the most common lengths. If a custom length is requested, it’s usually no problem. Check out our blog for some simple helpful tips on selecting the best climbing rope dog leashes.

A handsfree leash like the Jaeger with its swivel clips or carabiners on both ends is a great choice for adventurous walks, and hiking with your big dog. These are worn over the shoulder allowing you to use your hands, and still maintain control of your dog.

If you enjoy trail running, jogging or hiking with your dog, the Jaeger leash is a great choice for a handsfree dog leash.

Got two big dogs? Our double dog leash is an excellent option. The coupler is 2ft long using a reinforced UV resistant nylon plastic eye, and marine grade 316 stainless steel swivel clips, the same clips used on most of our climbing rope dog leashes. The main leash uses a high strength CE rated nanoSwivel, the smallest available, and a locking carabiner combination allowing you to clip into the coupler or even use the main leash independently. The coupler can be purchased separately.

So your Big Dog is really BIG. The ultimate dog leash may be a perfect solution. Light weight enough for medium sized dogs, but exceptionally strong. It’s over kill in design and we like that! It only weighs a total of 9.7oz for the 4ft version. It’s our ultimate carabiner dog leash and sells out quickly.

The ultimate dog leash is overbuilt on purpose, all of our climbing rope dog leashes are overbuilt, light weight and strong. The Ultimate Dog Leash is definitely for the Big Dogs.

Slip Leads can be an excellent training leash for big dogs that pull on lead or a perfect lead for that well trained, easy going dogs. Slip Leads are a different style of climbing rope dog leash frequently seen used at the vet or kennels when transporting dogs. Animal rescue teams, and individual use slip leads when in the field rescuing homeless dogs. This style leash is strong & reliable, and a perfect leash for those knowledgeable in its safe and correct use. Like all of our climbing rope dog leashes these can be configured with a carbiner adding flexibility to how this leash can be used.

Help Us Support Local No Kill Dog Shelters with your purchase of any MyDogsCool.com Climbing Rope Dog Leash. Thank you!

Check out some of the blog post for more ideas and tips on selecting the best climbing rope dog leashes Made in USA.

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Veteran Owned Business

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