Jaeger Handsfree Dog Leash is worn over the shoulder for hiking or jogging with medium to extra large dogs.

The Jaeger handsfree rope dog leash, AKA Hunter Leash, is a European and German leash design Americanized with climbing rope.

An 8ft Jaeger leash worn over the shoulder allows approximately 4ft of remaining leash for the dog based on a 6ft person wearing the leash over the shoulder, and clipped into itself midway between your waist and chest. This allows the remaining 4ft length to touch the ground. Basically the leash is divided between the length worn over the shoulder and the remaining length for the dog. Depending on you and your dogs height will determine how much leash your dog will have.

Built with 8 feet of CE rated mountain climbing rope with two 3.5″ marine grade 316 stainless steel clips with 180lb working load, and two welded 1 inch stainless steel O rings with a 800lb working load helps ensure your dog is safely clipped in to a strong and reliable leash

The first welded O ring is fixed in place at the dogs end, and the second is adjustable on the main lead. A custom stop made from mil spec type lll 500 para cord with breaking load of 500lb allows the second O ring to be positioned anywhere on the main lead. The position of the second O ring helps fit the leash to the handler and determines how much lead is given to the dog.

Use the Jaeger Handsfree Dog Leash for Hiking or Backpacking With Your Dog.

A variety of colors are available and listed in the drop down menu. Please contact us if you don’t see what you want. Custom lengths are available. Most find the standard 8ft length works well..

We appreciate your interest in our custom dog leashes. – Josh Sterling

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More Information

Specifications and Materials:

• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Rope diameter: 9.5mm – 10.5
• Length: 8 feet – Custom lengths available.

• Rope Material: Multi-Stranded Nylon/Polymer Fibers. Meets UIAA standards.
• Rope Manufacturer’s Origin: USA

• Snap Hook Material:3.5 inch/89mm – Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

• Optional Carabiner: 3.5 inch/89mm Black Aluminum Forged with Locking Screw Gate.
• Optional Swivel: High-Strength Aluminum, Stainless Steel Axle, Sealed Thrust Bearings, Strength 23kN, Working Load 3kN, Height 71mm, Width 37mm, Weight 1.65oz

• Optional Quick Release: 3.5 inch/89mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel – 360° swivel – 800lb working load (for K9 Professionals)

• O-rings: Two – 1 inch welded Stainless Steel. One fixed, second floating on main lead with adjustable paracord keeper.
• Paracord Keeper: 500lb 5 strand US Mil Spec paracord.

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Hands Free Dog Leash
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by Jeremy
Solid quality

Solid quality, love the Jaeger, hands free leash. Great for morning walks with a cup of coffee. I've always had leashes with the traffic or power loop when I need that extra control or reenforcing her healing. All in all very happy with the whole experience and quality. This will be my go to leash going forward.

 by Jackie
Jaeger Leash

I can already tell this leash is going to work wonders! The Glacier II is a sweet color and the hardware is so sturdy. Our older dog loves a stroll, but our new pup loves to go on runs with us so I wanted to try a hands-free leash. Unfortunately it arrived the same day she had her spay appointment, so we won't be able to test it on runs for a little while but having this leash for potty breaks around the block is already so much better than a traditional leash. She is already very strong and still growing and it is so much easier to grab onto the power loop when she gets excited about seeing a new dog on the street. Excited to take her on runs and try it out on hikes when it warms up.

 by Kristen Ricca
Best Leash Ever!!

Purchased my first Jaeger lead with a traffic handle two years ago and have used it every day since. Very well made, absolute exceptional quality! I originally bought it for how much my pup pulled when he got excited, he is a pitty/mastiff/Dane mix and he can TUG. I would wrap the leash around me to use my body weight to hold him. We eventually went through training and he no longer tugs. It is great for the airport too, I wrap it around me and grab the traffic handle when I need to keep the dogs close. Also wonderful for hiking, wrap it around you and hands free hiking! Just bought my second Jager lead a few weeks ago for my other dog. I've had to replace her normal leash about 3 times now with all the activities we do from hiking in the woods to relaxing at the beach. The only leash that has held up was the Jager lead!

 by Hank
The last leash you’ll ever need.

This company makes really great stuff. I’ve bought two leashes so far, the first being a regular carabiner leash which I’ve had for almost 7 YEARS now, and it’s still just as strong and reliable as the day I got it. I had to switch to the dual leash after my pack got bigger, but I still use both regularly. I can honestly say that these are the last leashes you will ever need. I have ordered the jaeger hands free leash for hiking and I am so excited to be able to hit the trails with my hounds hands free. Thanks again.

 by Kim
Love These Leashes

Love these leashes so much - I ordered 2!! The style, color and design are awesome!! They will last forever - built tough - and cute! Just my style. The dogs are super happy - thank you so much for such great products!!

 by Shelby
Amazing Dog Leash

Second time purchasing one of these leashes. They are amazing! I lost my last one on a AT hike. Had it for 3yrs prior. No fraying, stayed in perfect condition and I used it all the time. Very durable material. I’m sure this will last me for years to come as long as I don’t loose it again.

 by Richard Schwerin
Excellent Leash!

I just received my Forest Camo jaeger lead today, and it is exactly what I hoped for in craftmanship and utility.

 by Joel Williams
Excellent Jaeger Lead

I have had my Jaeger Lead from MyDogsCool for almost two years and it is an excellent, well crafted, durable product using quality materials. I recommend their products highly and when and if I need another lead, will start my search here.

Regarding Jaeger Leads in general, If you have a well trained, obedient, heeling dog, you should seriously consider using one - it allows hands-free walking while maintaining control (grab the lead if needed). I have a Deutsch Kurzhaar and had never seen Jaeger Leads until I started training with other DK owners - as the name suggests, the lead is more common in Germany. I had only seen leather Jaeger Leads (and knew I did not want leather) except for one an owner made himself from a thick rope commonly used for horse gear, so I searched the internet and found MyDogsCool. I ordered the carabiners on both ends and love the product.

I have a few product comments:

I don't think a "power grip" was an option when I ordered - I think that would be a great addition - when I do grab the lead for control, I usually grab at the carabiner, so having this "power grip" there would be great.
My lead did not come with the fixed o-ring at the dog's end - probably because I got the carabiner upgrade, but I was expecting it to have this and at the time I thought would have liked to have this, though thinking now, I don't have a specific application to cite.
I would, however, like to have a second "floating" o-ring - I wear the lead over my shoulder with owner's end clipped to the one floating o-ring even when my dog is off-lead - the second floating o-ring would give me a great place to clip the dog end of the lead when the dog is off lead and would have other uses as well (clip poo bag container, etc.)
I don't notice the overall weight of the lead in every day use, but when going on long day hikes, when my dog is mostly off leash (on e-collar) and I am carrying the lead, I would much prefer a significantly lighter lead. as my dog is well trained in obedience, I find that I really don't need a thick rope for comfort of grip (to pull dog back, etc.) and could do with a lead made of a much smaller diameter/lighter rope - there is a rope gauge between paracord and climbing rope that I've seen at hiking stores that I'd love to have a lead made of (if MyDogsCool ever offers this, I'll snag one, in the mean time, I'm playing with a super-light paracord leash for hiking)

Thanks so much for the review, and opinions. They are both appreciated, and helpful. Its awesome to hear back from customers that have had time to put some wear and tear on their custom dog leash, and share their opinion on our product. Thanks again!!

 by Anh
Best leashes ever!

I've purchased two of these leashes for my Bernese Mountain dog, one for every day walks, another for hiking. They are amazing leashes with top-notch materials and craftsmanship. I'm really impressed with these leashes and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Thanks Anh! We're glad to hear you're impressed with the custom dog leash. We like to hear that! Hiking with your big dog is exactly what the Jaeger leash was intended for. We hope you, and your mountain dog make good use of the leash. Thanks again!

 by Shane H.

My wife and I just got back from our first walk with both the Jaeger leash and the Ultimate leash and I cannot recommend these products more highly. In particular, the Jaeger was great with our just-rescued 140+ pound Great Pyrenees, Max. Max is still figuring out walking on leash, and the Jaeger provided great control during those "Squirrel!" moments that used to threaten rotator cuffs.

Both products are built like the proverbial brick outhouse - top notch materials and construction. From first ordering to the first walk took about a week, as advertised. The website is also right on about the length; 8 ft. worked well for me and I shop big AND tall. And the climbing rope is just awfully cool.

If you are looking for a great piece of kit for walking your beastie, then break out the plastic because you are in the right place.

Shane, we are always thrilled when customers take time to write a review and share their experience on our service and custom dog leashes. Thanks! It is nice to know we came through for you and Max. We hope Max gets accustomed to walking on lead fairly quickly. At 140 + pounds Im sure Max could take you for a walk in any direction he decided to head in. :-)

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