Limited Lifetime Warranty:

To the original owner we fully guarantee the workmanship and materials of our custom dog leashes so long as they are subjected to fair use.

They are intended as high quality leashes designed for both medium and extra large dogs. We offer a limited lifetime warranty and reserve the right to determine what is considered fair use.

A limited lifetime warranty generally means that the warranty is valid for only the original purchaser. Additionally, the warranty is limited in its liability, and will cover product and or manufacturer defects, but will not cover ‘deliberate’ damage or damage from improper use or neglect such as using the leash as a “tie out” or allowing your dog to chew through the leash, etc. 

Workmanship & Materials:
Every effort is made to ensure the materials used in our products are among the best quality.

The buckles we use in our dog collars and harnesses are made of Acetyl and are among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastics.

Materials like this fall under the Berry Amendment (United States Code  title 10) helping to ensure that certain materials such as fabrics, metals and fasteners are manufactured domestically.

Climbing rope is a great example of quality, strength, durability with a range of colors and unique styles ideal for our custom dog leashes.

Our selection of climbing rope is manufactured in the USA. We use new rope, not recycled or re-purposed. Although we believe that the reuse of rope has its place, we prefer knowing that the rope used in our leashes is guaranteed from the manufacturer to be free of any defects and in turn will hold up to our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

To further insure that our products last, we use a customized rope connections, marine grade 316 stainless steel snap hooks and forged aluminum locking carabiners for a lightweight but seriously strong product.

No inexpensive crimp connectors are used as seen in many similar styled rope leashes online and in major pet stores.

We use quality materials originally designed for rock climbing, industrial applications, mountain rescue, police, and military where equipment failures are not an option. With this knowledge, we’re confident that our product can live up to our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

You can contact us by email or at the address below:

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