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Common Questions

Custom Dog Leashes are handmade in the order received; they are custom built specifically for you and your awesome dogs.

With the increased popularity of our dog leashes, “Thank you”, most orders ship in less than two weeks. Ultimate Dog Leashes or any leash equipped with a nanoSwivel can take longer. Warmer months and holidays are extremely busy and will sometimes increase wait times. I understand this is a long wait, please consider this before placing your order.

Thanks so much for your patience!

Josh Sterling

All domestic and International orders ship with USPS Priority mail. Tracking numbers are automatically emailed via PayPal once your order is complete. USPS priority mail within the United States is mostly on time but delays do occur, 2 to 5 days is the typical delivery time.

Priority Mail International delivery times vary depending on the destination country and any covid related shut down policy in effect. As of April 2022 international delivery times run approximately 10 to 15 days. Read More

A printable online receipt is presented when your order is placed and a copy emailed to you. A second email from PayPal with a transaction confirmation is also sent. Please check your spam if you have not received your receipt. Replying to your order receipt with any order related questions helps expedite a reply. Thank you!

Customer phone calls have increasing become harder to distinguish from the numerous unsolicited sales calls, scams, phishing or robo calls received hourly.

Most answers to product or order related questions can be found on the website, or in the original order receipt. If not, please reply to your order receipt with your questions, or use this form.

Customers receive a personal reply as promptly as possible. Phone calls are no longer efficient; sending an email is the best way to contact us.

Thanks so much! Josh Sterling

By now most everyone is aware of the serious shortages in global supplies and materials affecting many industries around the world. The parts used in our custom dog leashes are no exception, specifically nanoSwivels and carabiners. These can sometimes take weeks for our U.S. suppliers to ship.

Estimated wait times are posted on product pages most likely effected. Basic dog leashes with stainless steel clips are less likely to see long delays.

USPS priority international mail to Canada can take 10 days to arrive, if customs is backed up because of covid, shipping times will increase. Australia, Asia, and parts of Europe can sometimes take a month to arrive but 15 days is more common as of April 2022.

International shipping times are greatly effected by whatever pandemic stage the destination country is in.

All orders are currently being built, and shipped in the order received.

Thanks so much for your patience!

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We will reply to all customer emails as quickly as possible. Please feel free to follow up if a reply was not received.

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