Custom Dog Leash Review

Custom Dog Leash Review: Josh Sterling from uses genuine climbing rope to make strong, tough and durable leashes for medium to extra large dogs. Known for its strength and reliability in extreme conditions, quality climbing rope of this kind consists of … Read More

Garden of the Gods – Dog Leash Review

Hello Darlings! Have you ever woken up incredibly early and full of energy for no apparent reason? Strangely enough for a night owl like myself, it was one of those days. So I made the hour and fifteen minute trek … Read More

American Made Dog Leashes

American Made Climbing Rope Dog Leashes and why it matters. A dog leash is such a simple design. A length of rope secured to the dog’s collar or harness allowing both the dog and handler to safely navigate their environment. Any … Read More

Totally Amazing Leash

I ordered a 6-foot Citron Dog Leash with a stainless steel quick release hook. Since it’s been delivered, my dog and I have done some serious testing on a couple of mountain hikes, culminating in a nose to nose meeting between dog and a pig nose at an alpine farm.