Value of Buying Handmade vs Mass Produced

The Value of Buying Handmade vs Mass Produced products is known to those who value the creative spirit and support the artisan, the craftsman, the entrepreneurs providing quality over quantity. Regardless if an item is handcrafted or mass produced, people … Read More

Alpha Dog Mentality

Working with your dog can be a lot easier if you approach the training with a different mindset than the typical alpha dog mentality. Training younger dogs with this mindset can be a precursor to the types of behavioral problems found in older more aggressive dogs. Why is that? Too much emphasis is placed on

What They Don’t Tell You

Microchipping your pets; what they don’t tell you. Microchipping your dog or cat is a wise decision and can make all the difference in being reunited should your pet become lost. The process of chipping your dog or cat is … Read More

Selecting The Best Dog Leash

Selecting the Best Dog Leashes start with a simple, and reliable design, but should not be designed with simple materials. Your dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way. Selecting the best dog leash is important. With so … Read More

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