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Hiking deserts, mountains, backcountry trails or urban streets with my dogs is fun, and always full of adventure. It’s what we do.

For most of us we have a variety of choices in the gear we use on our outdoor hikes and walks. This can vary in quality depending on our needs. This isn’t always true for the dogs that share in the fun of our outdoor adventures.

One of the simplest and basic items your dog requires and must have, is a good leash.

As important as a leash is to your dogs safety, it’s one of the least appreciated and sometimes poorly made pieces of gear.

I need to know that my dogs are safe at my side. Pet store dog leashes don’t always offer this reassurance. They rarely sell leashes that use quality materials, and never list specifications like weight limits or safe working loads.

People just take it on faith that dogs are secure on the end of any leash they purchase.

The rope and carabiners used for mountain climbing is strength tested and classified for specific uses by the manufacturer. It’s rated for certain life safety applications. This same rope and carabiners can easily be used for custom dog leashes.

If you have ever usedĀ a run-of-the-mill dog leash and have had it break, then you know that gut wrenching feeling watching your dog suddenly take off, and at the same time completely ignore your commands. Your dog may giveĀ chase to an animal and run off into the woods, across traffic or many other potentially dangerous situations. Only when your dog is safely back at your side do you feel relief. You know the situation could have been worse. I’ve chased my share of dogs due to poorly made leashes, no more.

I set out to build my own dog leashes using the same quality materials I use and trust when rock & mountain climbing. The same rope, carabiners and hardware are perfect when incorporated into handmade climbing rope dog leashes for medium to extra large dogs.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harms way.

People want a better than average leash for their big dogs. Responsible pet owners understand the importance of maintaining control of their dog. They know the possibility exists that dogs can switch to fight-or-flight mode or maybe the dog just decided catching that squirrel was the day’s agenda, and with a sudden lunge into the leash, the dog breaks free.

Dogs are family and deserve the best. A quality leash is essential, and one of the few pieces of gear your dog absolutely must have.

We understand that customers have many choices as to where they can shop. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you and your dog

one of the best custom dog leashes that’s also handmade in the U.S.A.


Thank you.

Josh Sterling
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