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Hiking with dogs is always an adventure, it’s what we do! A quality dog leash is part of our routine, it’s a necessity, and helps provide for the safety & enjoyment of our dogs!

Building custom dog leashes was never part of my life long goals, it was never a consideration…. Most of us just assume that our dogs are secure on the end of most any leash we purchase, I did.

When that affordable pet store dog leash I purchased failed from a sudden pull from my 75lb dog, all I could do was scream at a dog completely ignoring me. He was in high prey drive chasing after a coyote, and me far behind not knowing if I would ever find my dog.

After spending hours tracking my dogs in unfamiliar territory and my dog finding me, it was decided that a much better leash was needed that I could trust.

Pet stores rarely sell dog leashes that are made of quality materials. They rarely ever mention specifications, like weight limits or safe working loads. Cut open one of those pet store dog leashes and most will find filler material like twisted paper that runs the length of the leash to make it a bit fatter and give it the appearance of being stronger than it is.

The pet industry does not have good quality control. They have no breaking load or strength standards for dog leashes, harnesses or collars.

I set out to build climbing rope dog leashes using the same quality materials I use and trust when climbing, as well as hardware I’ve used when sailing and diving. The reasons are simple, the hardware and equipment is built to higher standards. It’s tested and certified before being sold to the public. I wanted these same standards applied to my dog leashes. Why not, our dogs are worth it!

The use of CE rated Climbing Rope, Carabiners or Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Clips and Customized Industrial Strength Rope Connections are designed for industries requiring quality, consistency and specific load and breaking strength. These requirements are not found in the pet industry. These parts are perfect for use in the custom dog leashes I build.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way.

People want a better than average leash for their big dogs. Responsible pet owners understand the importance of maintaining control of their dog. They know the possibility exists that dogs can have a high prey drive, switch to fight or flight mode in an instant. Dogs can be overly aggressive or protective in a variety of situations. It’s are job to keep them safe.

Dogs are family and deserve the best. A quality leash is essential, and one of the few pieces of gear your dog absolutely must have.

Thank you!
Josh Sterling

A Veteran Owned Business Supporting No Kill Animal Shelters.
Veteran Owned Business

A Personal Note To Those Fighting Cancer

Everyone has a battle, a fight, different and multiple struggles they contend with just to survive each day. No one is untouched by life’s challenges and hard times.

My recent fight has been kidney cancer, I debated to share. May 2022 will be 6 months in remission. I hope the next several years of regular testing stays that way, and then I can be more confident that cancer has likely F*cked off forever, and then I’ll be considered cancer free.

For anyone fighting cancer or any struggle you may have, don’t quit fighting, don’t give up on yourself. You can feel exhausted, overwhelmed, you can feel anyway you need, but you can not quit fighting.

The human body is amazingly resilient. Although cancer is scary, not all cancer is terminal, many cancers can often be defeated.

As a health conscious and active person I was surprised to be told I had cancer and would need multiple surgeries. Compared to others with cancer I have it easy. Even with a portion of one kidney life is good. 

Support Cancer Awareness, tell others of your fight, tell others of those fighting, especially tell the stories of those who’s fight became a battle their body could not overcome.

Kidney cancer is silent without early warnings, it’s often detected by an unrelated CT scan or MRI. It can go undetected for years.

Cancer statistics regardless of type don’t always tell the full truth. People can be active and fit, young and old, they can be health conscious and physical strong, and cancer could care less.

Do yourself a huge favor and ask your doctor about these things.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words of support!