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Strong Dog Leashes

Strong dog leashes are not as common as you might expect.

A dogs leash is one of the few pieces of gear that helps ensure its safety, it’s a dogs lifeline between you and harm’s way, and should be built with materials that have strength and safety standards we can rely on.

Major pet stores import leashes from manufactures that have no required strength and safety standards for the rope or hardware they use.

The materials we use are tested, strength rated and certified as required by law. This is a requirement in various industries that manufacturer climbing rope, carabiners and similar equipment that can also be used to build the strongest leashes for large dog. By using parts from outside of the pet industry we ensue that every leash we build is using quality parts that will last for many years to come.

Look at the dog leash you own, can you tell what type of metal alloy the clip is made of, or what the working load is?

What about the leash material? Does it have a rated working load suitable for the shock forces applied from a 100lb dog that lunges into the leash?

Is the leash stitched with nylon thread or poly? Nylon stretches more and stitch patterns such as box x or longitudinal and zig zag must be expertly done or risk failing. Who knows any of this stuff?! I certainly didn’t until my store bought leash failed me and my dog.

Terms like “inspired by climbing rope” are the biggest clues that it’s just common utility rope with no strength or safety rating.

We use CE rated Mountain Climbing Rope, CNC machined nanoSwivels, Forged Aluminum Carabiners, and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel all secured with our customized industrial strength rope connections. Each leash is built by hand specifically for the customer and their dogs.

A large dogs physical strength is not always appreciated.

We believe a dogs leash is its lifeline between you and hams way. We mention this often as a reminder that we are committed to building strong leashes that are worthy of your awesome dogs strength.

We appreciate the many qualities dogs have. The largest dogs can be gentle, but when their prey drive is triggered, or they become overly excited, frightened, aggressive, protective, or they just want to join in on some fun with other dogs. They can easily snap a poorly made leash leaving you behind.

A well made leash will help ensure your dogs safety, they may still pull and react to whatever triggered their behavior, but the worst that could happen is your big dog pulls or drags you in whatever direction they decided to go, but at least they are taking you with them and not running away! ~Josh Sterling

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