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Rope Dog Leash Buyers Guide with Tips and Suggestions.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harms way. The information below is a basic guide to help select the best leash for your dog.

Selecting the best rope dog leash requires some thought as to the size and personality of the dog, the exact purpose of the leash, and the environment the dog leash will be used in.

The weight of your dog should be 30 lbs or more for a climbing rope dog leash. There are exceptions for some smaller dogs and will require your best judgement. Click into the link to read more about this.

Dogs with strong prey drives or ones that get overly excited may be more secure on a carabiner style leash. Carabiners don’t swivel, but they do offer more strength and safety than a leash equipped with a traditional stainless steel clip.

Is the leash to be used for training, walking or both? Maybe hiking or jogging? Is the environment busy or crowded where a long leash would be harder to control the dog, and a short leash would help keep the dog safe at your side?

Dogs being walked in high traffic areas might do best on a short leash four feet or shorter. Leashes that are six foot are standard for obedience training.

There’s different styles of dog leashes like the Jaeger leash, AKA hands-free-dog leash, these are great for hiking or jogging.

There are no real set rules for the dog leash you select if it works for you. A dog leash can be used in a variety of ways with different dogs, and different training techniques that best suit you and your dogs needs.

Climbing rope make the best dog leashes.

Climbing rope made in the USA makes among the best leashes. It is used almost exclusively in all of our dog leashes. On occasions we may use climbing rope manufactured in Europe, these are very excellent ropes when available, and the exception to our made in USA rule.

Unlike rope or cordage used in lesser quality leashes, climbing rope is tested by third party companies for the rope manufacturer. This helps verify that the different climbing ropes meet strength and safety standards within the climbing and or mountain rescue industry. It’s this testing process, and decades of experience using climbing rope that helps guarantee that our custom leashes are among the best, and strongest made.

The mainstream pet industry has no dog leash standards.

Many leash manufacturers use low quality parts including what they call “climbing rope inspired”. This type of rope is often fancy utility cordage not always suitable to trust with large dogs. It often has filler material to give the rope a thicker appearance, or the inner fibers are twisted loosely. Climbing rope is made with precision, it’s trusted in life safety applications, and climbing sports, and makes the best dog leashes.

Leash hardware in the mainstream pet industry is often non strength rated.

Leash hardware in the mainstream pet industry is often non strength rated. It often has no safe working load or breaking limits. Mystery metals used to cast dog leash clips don’t place any identifying marks allowing the customer to know what type of metal it is.

Different metal alloys and their percentages used in the manufacturing process will determine if a clip will bend, snap, rust, corrode, fail or be perfectly safe. The point being is that most imported leashes have no identifying marks informing the customer if the material and hardware used to build the leash are strong enough for their dog.

We use 316 stainless steel for our basic clips, this is a marine grade stainless. The manufacturing process for 316 stainless is more expensive than nickle or chrome plated clips, and the process is more exact. The alloys used need to resist pitting, corrosion, and increase the clips overall strength.

The carabiners we use are heat forged aluminium designed for life safety or mountain rescue applications, and climbing sports. Their small compact size makes them perfect for dog leashes.

Six foot dog leash with stainless steel clip:

MyDogsCool 6ft climbing rope dog leash is designed for daily dog walks and basic leash or obedience training. A 6ft leash is often recommended for puppy training classes and meets most leash law requirements.

Four foot dog leash with stainless steel clip:

A 4ft leash keeps a dog closer to your side and a good choice for regular walks. 4ft may be too short for basic obedience training.

Short Leashes AKA Traffic Leash:

These are ideal for maximum control and routine walks with large dogs in high traffic areas. Short Leashes or Traffic Leads are usually between 1ft and 2ft long.

Carabiner Leashes:

Carabiner dog leashes give added strength or safety for large dogs. It’s important to know that carabiners do not swivel. Their added safety and strength is worth the occasional tangled leash. We uses only professional grade forged aluminum compact locking carabiners.

Slip Leads:

The most most popular leash used with many dog trainers, animal rescue teams and veterinarians is a basic slip lead. Slip leads are a simple design not requiring a collar; they tighten as the dog pulls and loosen when the dog is walking calmly. At no time should a dog be tethered or unsupervised with this style leash. A 4ft slip lead is often best, and 6ft are the longest we make. Anything longer does not allow the slip lead to loosen completely when the dog is walking calmly.

Jaeger or Over-the-Shoulder Dog Leash:

A traditional German or European hunters leash used with bird dogs allows a person to wear the leash over-the-shoulder and keep a trained dog walking at your side. This style leash is also very popular for hiking and jogging with medium to extra large dogs, and works well with stainless steel clips. The Jaeger leash is eight foot in length, this gives the dog approximately four foot of leash with the other four foot looping around the handlers shoulder and upper body. The leash length is adjustable by a simple sliding the O ring on the main section of the leash. Joggers will wear this style leash like a belt. Custom options are available.

Ultimate Dog Leash:

Our most popular leash design uses a professional grade swivel manufactured in the USA for mountain rescue teams, firefighters or any organization engaged in different types of rescue work, rock or mountain climbing. The strength, compact size and light weight of the swivel makes it an exceptional choice for large to extra large dogs. The Ultimate Dog Leash was an exclusive design originally made available to US military K9 handlers and US Secret Service K9 Teams. It has proven to be an excellent dog leash for the largest of dogs.

Double Dog Coupler:

If you’re lucky enough to have two or more dogs in your life then you might consider a two foot coupler that connect to a single carabiner leash. This can help walk two dog where the dogs learn to walk together and the handler isn’t pulled in different directions. Our Double Dog Coupler comes standard with stainless steel swivel clips suitable for medium to large dogs and can be upgraded to use carabiners. The Pro version that uses both carabiners and swivels.

Heavy Duty Dog Leash:

The HD Dog Leash use a 4 inch solid stainless steel clip with a twist lock mechanism designed for Extra Large or Giant Breed Dogs. This clip style works best with most dogs that are 90 lbs +. The swivel requires some occasional cleaning if its subjected to sand or salt water. Rinse in fresh water when dirty, or when the swivel doesn’t turn smoothly. Lightly oil the small stainless steel bearings that help the locking sleeve to swivel open and shut; a small drop of mineral oil, or clipper oil works well.

Quick Release:

Rope leashes equipped with a stainless steel quick release where originally intended for police K9’s where the officer required a fast one hand release without the need to look at the clip to remove it. The quick release has a spring loaded pull pin that requires about a 3lb pull force to open. If you don’t have full control of your dog then a quick release may not be for you.

Power Grip or 2nd Handle:

A leash with a 2nd handle (AKA Power Grip), or a Double Handle Dog Leash is a good idea for most big dogs. Dogs can get overly excited, have high prey drive, or very protective. The second handle allows the handler extra control to place a dog in a heel or sitting position.

Stainless Steel Clips:

Rope dog leashes typically use a traditional style clips with a sliding catch bolt opened with your thumb. Not all of these clips are built with the same quality materials or have the reliability one should expect. We use a Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel clip for our basic leashes, this clip style is popular with divers and various marine applications. These are superior to nickle or chrome plated clips used on similar style dog leashes. I routinely source parts outside of the pet industry where the demand for quality is highest.

Customized Aluminum Rope Connections:

We are the first to build dog leashes using a customized single piece aluminium rope connection. All other company’s build climbing rope dog leashes have copied our leash design, and some fraudulently passing off their leashes as ours.

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Josh Sterling