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Chloe’s Life-Saving Cancer Surgery

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Chloe is a Maltese Yorkie in need of cancer surgery. This little dogs Mom needs help funding the surgery.
Chloe is a Maltese Yorkie in need of cancer surgery; this little dogs Mom needs help funding her surgery.

Updated November 19 2020

Can you help fund Chloe’s Cancer Surgery?

Chloe and her mom are not doing so well these days. Chloe is a sweet Maltese & Yorkie mix, and has been diagnosed with cancer the same week her mom was diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Both of these girls live active lives, mom takes her little dog on daily walks and bicycle rides, but recent health concerns require medical treatment and surgery. Chloe needs surgery now.

Life as we all know it is especially crazy this year, and has been emotionally, and financially difficult for many of us.

It’s not financially possible to fund Chloe’s surgery and medical expenses, and it’s too early to consider euthanasia when Chloe is currently in no pain and still behaving as a healthy little dog.

Chloe is in need of urgent surgery to remove a cancerous mass from her chest and chemotherapy afterwards. A successful surgery would add well deserved years to Chloe’s life, and increase her chances that the cancer never reaches her lungs or other vital organs.

Mom is in need of her own medical treatment and would do better if she was less stressed about her little dog. Any help with Chloe’s medical expenses would help keep mom focused more on her own health knowing that Chloe is being cared for.

Donations are specifically for Chloe’s Life-Saving Cancer Surgery.

This request is made on behalf of Chloe’s mom and managed by Josh Sterling owner of MyDogsCool.com.

Donations given to Chloe’s GoFundMe account of any amount are very helpful, and very generous, especially this year when so many people are out of work and budgets are tight.

$5, $10, $15, and $20 dollar donations would be awesome, and what most of us can sometimes afford. These smaller donations are the most significant, and collectively do the most good. Chole needs your help. She needs your compassion, kindness and generosity to help make her fundraiser successful, and help save her life. This means everything to her Mom that is going through her own heath issues, and unable to help her dog the best way she normally would. A heart felt Thank You for each of you that is able to help.

$25 or $50 dollar donations receive an added incentive, not much, but if you have a dog in need of a handmade leash, a 25% discount is offered and valid on this website. A coupon code will be emailed to you through Chloe’s GoFundMe account.

Donations of $75 or more help boost the speed of needed funds. This can expedite Chloe’s medical needs. These generous donors would receive a free handmade climbing rope dog leash as incentive to help donate towards Chloe’s surgery. A coupon code will be emailed thorough Chloe’s GoFundMe account, and can be redeemed here at MyDogsCool.com

100% of all money received goes directly to Chloe’s medical expenses minus GoFundMe fees.

Thanks so much for your generosity!🐺 🐾

Josh Sterling

To Help Chloe Please Visit Her GoFundMe Page to Donate or Share. Thank You!!

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  1. Josh Sterling
    | Reply

    Dogs give their best to us, and deserve the best from us. Sometimes we need to step in and help out, show more kindness, be more humane, just do right by each other, be more like dogs I guess.

  2. Josh Sterling
    | Reply

    Making dog leashes to help fund local no kill dog shelters and wolf conservation efforts can be a challenge. It can be very rewarding to see the end results help pay for food and vet care. Thanks to our awesome Customers for their support!

    Sometimes dogs like Chole require expensive medical care and raising the funds necessary can be difficult, and seem impossible.

    90% of all GoFundMe campaigns result in failure, but we need to continue to fight and seek out ways to help pay for Chloe’s cancer surgery. Please Share this link or donate, you can help save a life!

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