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Rope Dog Leashes are the Best

Dog Leashes constructed of climbing rope and quality parts are often the best for medium to extra large dogs. These will outlast most any dog leash on the market.

Black Lab with MyDogsCool Rope Dog Leash
Black Lab named Zoe Walk Testing a Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Unlike most other types of rope used for making dog leashes, climbing rope is tested to meet UIAA safety ratings.

The Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme (UIAA) is the international mountaineering and climbing federation.

The UIAA Safety Commission develops and maintains safety standards for climbing rope and related equipment. These standards are implemented worldwide.

The main stream pet industry has no UIAA safety standards for the leashes they sell.

UIAA testing procedures are in depth. Only products that pass the testing procedures carries the UIAA mark. This is not something you will likely see stamped on a dog leash sold at your local pet store.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way. Climbing rope is a perfect choice if you think this way.

Climbing rope is tested in several ways to help determine its ability to withstand repeated falls and impact forces on a fallen climber. This helps determines a ropes ability to stretch and absorb falls.

Abrasive testing also helps determine the life of a rope and how different manufacturing process can extend its life. The videos show some of the testing procedures to help give you an idea on why rope dog leashes made of climbing rope are the best.

Leashes made by MyDogsCool use rope that has passed UIAA testing. 

MyDogsCool uses the best rope and hardware that meets strength and safety standards not found in the main stream pet industry. The quality of these products are reflected in our rope dog leashes.

Climbing Rope is tested to meet industry standards unlike anything in the main stream Pet Industry.

The best dog leashes made of climbing rope can resist abrasions better, and outperform other leashes that have a similar look and style. This video gives a quick look at the rope abrasion testing process.

Testing Rope Abrasion