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Hands Free Dog Leash

MyDogsCool OD Green Hands Free Dog Leash
OD Green Hands Free Dog Leash AKA Jaeger Leash with Power Grip.

A hands free dog leash is a great multi purpose dog leash. It’s often worn over the shoulder when hiking with medium to extra large dogs. It’s also known as a Jaeger leash.

Hands free dog leashes are traditionally a European style hunting leash. This leash style is very popular with joggers, mountain hiking and trail running with dogs.

8ft lengths with a swivel clip on both ends of the jaeger leash is often the best configuration.

Without knowing a persons height or the size of the dog, you can estimate half the leash will be worn over the shoulder, and the remaining length used for the dog. A standard 8ft leash worn over the shoulder will give roughly 4ft of leash to the dog. The positioning of the sliding O-ring on the main section of the leash will help adjust the slack.

Carabiners and swivels are an upgrade over the standard stainless steel swivel clips. This is not always a need upgrade, the stainless steel clips are strong, durable and work very well with this style of leash.

Upgrade your hands free dog leash with locking carabiners and swivels only if you require their added strength, and safety. Carabiners by themselves are an affordable upgrade but do not swivel on their own. A leash worn over the shoulder works best if both ends swivel.

The power grip seen on the end of some of the leashes in the image gallery below will obviously help grip the leash should you need more control of your dog. The power grip is best for larger dogs.

MyDogsCool handsfree dog leashes are among the best multi purpose dog leashes. These are handmade in USA.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

If you’re looking for a different style of hands free leash that is not custom, or handmade for you and your dog, check out the reviews at Pets Life Today

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Handsfree Dog Leash Diagram showing how this multi purpose dog leash can be used.
A hands free dog leash can be used in many ways.

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