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DIY Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Here’s an easy DIY project for those little dogs with big dog attitude. This DIY Climbing Rope Dog Leash is made for small dogs weighing approximately 25lbs.

A DIY Dog Leash is a Fun Project For Most Anyone.

Improve on the ideas and suggestions in this DIY Dog Leash project, it’s a “Do It Your Self”. As long as you build the leash safe and strong; let your creativity take over.

This leash will be using a small 2″ carabiner attached to a 2″ quick link that will give the carabiner some added flexibility. This will be a strong leash designed for a small dog.

Climbing Rope will have inner bundles of polyester cords, and an outer sheath that will fray or come unraveled. It’s important to tape the area to be cut tightly. Use masking tape, it won’t leave a sticky residue.

If you have worked with nylon or polyester ropes you know the ends need to be melted; when the tape is removed the ends will not fray and unravel.

DIY Climbing Rope Dog Leash Melt Rope Ends

Prepare the Rope Ends First.

There are many ways to build your DIY dog leash but all will need the rope ends cut cleanly, and melted first. This will prevent the climbing rope from fraying as shown in the Comparison image.

Use CAUTION when cutting and melting the rope ends. Once you have a clean cut use whatever method you are comfortable with to melt the ends.

Climbing rope is made of different polymers, mainly polyester. These are flammable and will stick to your skin and burn, Be Very Careful.

You only want the rope ends to melt, not drip and burn. Do this safely. A small candle flame or lighter works well. Use any safe method that works for you.

When the rope ends look melted, press them against a flat metal surface or similar. This will flatten the melted polymer. Wait a few seconds and remove the tape.

My 1st DIY Hand Sewn Dog Leash Is’nt Much to Look At.

Attach the Quick Link to your soon to be new dog leash before you make your first stitch. If not, it may not fit over the rope latter. I’m using a heavy duty waxed polycord .050 with a large sail cloth needle.

To Keep this DIY simple and easy, I’m using only basic tools most people would have at home.

I don’t sew as you will notice, and that adds to the authenticity of this first time DIY. Please Improve on it, make this Climbing Rope Dog Leash truly unique for you and your dog.

Stitch the Sides of the Dog Leash Starting with the Outer End Working Backwards.

Don’t cheat and just wrap the thread around the dog leash, it won’t hold up for very long. Don’t make the eye too large. If it’s small as pictured the inner polyester cords will stay firmer together. This helps to make the stitching and wraps tight.

Sew through the sides of the leash and draw them together tightly, and then make a double wrap before sewing through the opposite side. This step is important. The eye should be firm to the touch; this indicates that the inner cords are not pulling free from the melted end, and that your first stitches are tightly made.

Not Bad, This DIY Dog Leash is Looking Good.

There are many ways you can go about sewing together your dog leash, and all of them might be much better than my first DIY attempt. I find it works well to conceal the end of the thread in a similar way as I’m trying to show here. Waxed thread holds a knot pretty good. The .050 heavy duty Maine Thread (lilac) is very strong and works great for this project.

Add Some Color, Have Fun Making Your Dog Leash.

With the dog’s end of the leash taking shape, I decided it was too boring and added a second color. That’s what DIY projects are all about; you need to have some fun with it.

You can use the needle to pass one color under another as shown in the picture. The heavy duty sail cloth needles are best for this type of rope and thread. See the links at the bottom of the page for more information.

If you have sewn the dog leash securely, the inner bundles of cords will be pulled tightly together and more effort is needed to pass the needle through. This is the biggest clue that you are at least making the leash strong. I have about 24 main stitches that go through both sections of rope, and about 50+ full wraps.

DIY Climbing Rope Dog Leash with Carabiner for Small Dogs

Definitely a DIY Climbing Rope Dog Leash.😉 Yours will Be Much Better!

I built this leash without using any professional tools or techniques. My sewing skills are obvious in the pictures but the stitching is sound and strong.

There are tools that would make this fun project easier but then the expense is beyond a simple DIY Dog Leash that most anyone can make. Project time is about 25 minutes.

The parts needed can be found at most any craft or hardware store, or use the Amazon links below.

DIY Climbing Rope Dog Leash Parts List

  • Heavy Duty Hand Sewing Needles – Amazon
  • Stainless Steel Carabiner 2″ Long – 1/4 6mm diameter – Amazon
  • Stainless Steel Quick Link 2″ Long – 6mm diameter – Amazon
  • Maine Waxed Polycord .050 – Amazon
  • Inexpensive Climbing Rope or Prusik Cord 8mm – Amazon
    Use between 8 or 9.5mm dynamic Climbing Rope/Prusik Cord.

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