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Selecting a Carabiner Dog Leash

Carabiner Dog Leash Modeled by Shiba Inu
Carabiner Dog Leash Modeled by a Shiba Inu, a small to medium Japanese Hunting Dog

Selecting a Carabiner Dog Leash for Smaller Dogs is Sometimes the Best Choice.

It’s not always the dogs physical size that we need to consider, selecting a carabiner dog leash can often be the best choice for some smaller dogs when we need the added safety, and strength for a small dog who’s attitude and ability to escape is much larger than they are.

A dogs small size should never allow the belief that their particular size and breed doesn’t share some of the same prey drive, and aggression traits as do some of the largest dogs.

The handsome Shiba Inu above is a small to medium sized hunting dog well suited for mountainous terrain with a sturdy and strong build. These dogs weigh between 18 and 25 lbs and do fine on most any of our carabiner dog leashes.

Carabiner Dog Leash Modeled by a Welsh Corgi
Carabiner Dog Leash Modeled by a Welsh Corgi, a Small Cattle Herding Dog

The same is true for different small breeds of Terriers like Scottys, or Scent Hounds like Beagles, or Cocker Spaniels that are more of a medium size dog.

The Welsh Corgi is another example of a small breed dog with both a friendly personality and a protective nature that can sometimes show aggression towards unfamiliar dogs. A locking carabiner may work just fine with this small dog.

Carabiners are most often used with medium to extra large dogs that have strong prey drives. These dogs often have the strength, determination and occasional memory lapse in what otherwise would be a perfectly well trained and obedient dog. Without warning these dogs can suddenly decide the squirrel they spotted will be more fun to chase than walking at your side.

A well made carabiner dog leash is a good choice for those extra large dogs that are typically cool, calm and relaxed like Newfoundlands. When these dogs spot their friends and insist on enjoying the fun, they will further insist that you come along and not understand why they must pull you in the direction of all the fun. A carabiner dog leash will at least ensure you can be safely dragged by such a dog.

Selecting a carabiner dog leash for large dogs is a common suggestion and fits their size perfectly. Keep in mind that the 2.0 oz weight of a carbiner is not uncomfortable for a sturdy small dog. The added safety, as well as the peace of mind that your small dog and its big attitude or ability to escape will be much more secure on a leash equipped with a carabiner. Consider using a harness for these smaller dogs.

Black Raven Carabiner Rope Dog Leash Made in USA with Mil Spec Rope for Medium to Extra Large Dogs. MyDogsCool.com
Black Raven Carabiner Rope Dog Leash

When is a carbiner not such a good choice?

Sometimes a puppy is best leash trained with a traditional leash equipped with a swivel clip. We use 3.5 inch marine grade 316 Stainless Steel clips. These are stronger than most similar styled clips. A swivel clip will help keep your leash from getting tangled as you train your dog to walk on lead or any other basic obedience training.

Also, if you have one of those supper calm dogs that doesn’t seemed to be phased by much of anything or extremely well trained; a stainless steel clip is a perfectly fine choice. You can go both ways with these dogs.

Tell me about the carabiners used at MyDogsCool.com

We use forged aluminum compact locking carabiner that measure approximately 3.5 inches long and about 2.5 inches at the widest section with a baked on black powder coated finish.

These are rated for climbing and marked with a strength rating called kiloNewton (kN), a measure of force. They also bear the mark “CE” indicating they passed a strength testing requirement.  The locking screw gate adds to the safety and quality. We purchase these from US owned company that specialize in climbing gear. These are the real deal – no fakes and make for some of the best carabiner dog leashes available.

We only use the best materials in the design of our custom dog leashes. We invite you and your dog to give our leashes a try. If you have questions, please contact us.

If it’s not a custom dog leash you want built for you and your dog, you might find a leash reviewed by the Strategist