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Dog Coupler & Leash Review

Dog Couplers are extremely helpful when walking multiple dogs. Most all dogs want to explore and checkout everything in their path or switch sides with each other resulting in tangled mess of twisted leashes.

Use this Dog Coupler & Leash Review and Comparison to help explain features, and the pros and cons between the different styles of dog couplers we build. Some random related information may also be of some help.

  • Climbing Rope
  • Custom Rope Connections
  • 316 Stainless Steel Swivel
  • Swivel Breaking Strength 4180lb
  • Two 3.5″ 316 Stainless Steel Clips
  • Coupler, Swivel & Leash are one unit.
  • For Medium to Extra Large Dogs
  • Swivel Weight: 4.4oz
  • Cost: $58.95

  • Climbing Rope
  • Custom Rope Connections Black Shrink Wrap
  • CNC Pro nanoSwivel
  • Swivel Breaking Strength 5170lb
  • Two 3.5″ 316 Stainless Steel Clips
  • Coupler and Leash Can Be Used Independently
  • For Medium to Extra Large Dogs
  • Swivel & Carabiner Combined Weight: 3.3oz
  • Heat Forged Aluminum Carabiner
  • Carabiner Breaking Strength 5000lb
  • Nylon UV Stable Reinforced Coupler Connection Point
  • Cost: $119.95

Couplers will work with most leashes and available for sale by themselves. Please keep in mind that these are built for medium to extra large dogs and much stronger than most couplers. We recommend a carabiner leash with a second handle AKA Power Grip.

  • Coupler Length: 2ft/61cm
  • Two 3.5″ 316 Stainless Steel Clips
  • For Medium to Extra Large Dogs
  • Connection Point Swivels Independently regardless of leash, essentially tangle free.
  • Connection Point works best with a Carabiner Leash or Strong Clip
  • Swivel weight: 4.4 oz
  • SS Clips Weight: 2.0 oz each
  • Clip Upgrade Options Available
  • Cost: $38.95

  • Coupler Length: 2ft/61cm
  • Two 3.5″ 316 Stainless Steel Clips
  • For Medium to Extra Large Dogs
  • Connection Point is Fixed, only the dogs ends will swivel.
  • Connection Point Requires a Carabiner Leash
  • No Swivel
  • SS Clips Weight: 2.0 oz each
  • Clip Upgrade Options Available
  • Cost: $29.95

Leashes and couplers equipped with carabiners and swivels are almost always a perfect match for large dogs.

The pet industry does not invest in high quality materials, specialized manufacturing equipment, or third party testing to ensure their leashes and hardware are built to meet strength and safety standards. They have no such requirements to do so.

“It’s just a dog leash”; I’ve been told this many times… No. A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way and should never be built with simple materials.

Carabiners and swivels are a great addition to any coupler designed for medium to extra large dogs.

Carabiners by themselves don’t swivel and for some this is not an issue. Professional dog walkers are very familiar with dogs switching sides and the constant struggle of keeping leashes untangled; They will appreciate the basic coupler or the Pro version where nanoSwivels and carabiners replace the stainless steel clips.

Swivel and Carabiner Size Comparison. MyDogsCool.com
Swivel and Carabiner Size Comparison
  • Height: SS Swivel 3.4″
  • Height: nanoSwivel 2.5″
  • Height: Carabiner 3″

Lime Ultimate Climbing Rope Dog Leash with matching Coupler.
Lime Ultimate Dog Leash with Matching Coupler.

The Two Dog Coupler with Swivel & Leash is the least expensive in this review and comparison. It uses a heavier 4.4 oz heavy duty stainless steel swivel compared to the 3.3 oz combined weight of the high strength aluminium used in the nanoSwivel & carabiner.

Stainless Steel is heaver than the CNC machined high strength aluminium, the strength is comparable but the nanoSwivel is superior in function, strength and light weight. It also uses a stainless steel axle with sealed bearings.

It’s important to also know that stainless steel is more costly than the mystery alloys/metal used in pet store leashes that do not tell you what the metal clips are made of, but only that they are nickle or chrome plated. 316 marine grade Stainless Steel is a more expensive metal to produce, and machine, it’s more durable, resistant to rust and corrosion. It’s perfect for a dog coupler or leash used around ocean beaches.

Please don’t forget your leash and coupler are handmade in USA specifically for you and your dogs.

The Double Dog Leash & Coupler offers light weight, strength, and can be used independently with leashes you may already own. The nanoSwivel is the bulk of the cost, but understand it’s designed for an industry that requires the equipment they use to meet strength and safety guidelines.

The nanoSwivel works perfect as part of a strong two dog coupler & leash system but some people are accustomed to imported leashes and couplers having inexpensive pet store prices.

Handmade dog couplers using quality materials will always be more costly than their inferior imported version.

If you have question, please feel free to contact me. Thanks! Josh Sterling

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