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Your Next Dog Leash

Before buying your next dog leash ask some hard questions. Ask what’s the safe working load, what’s the breaking strength or shock load strength? Stand back and watch the sales persons eyes glaze over without understanding why you would ask such questions. The truth is that most of us would never think to ask and would not know any better than the sales person.

Most of us don’t ask these questions, we give our best guess as to the strength of a dogs leash, we say the leash seems strong enough and blindly trust our dogs safety to a mass produced leash that literally cost under a dollar to make. 

Inexpensive mass produced dog leashes sometimes use paper cordage.

Some of the inexpensive mass produced dog leashes use paper cordage woven in with nylon cords to give the rope a larger appearance. Unsuspecting customers assume the leash is stronger because of its size. The outer jacket will also slide easily over the inner cords hinting that the rope is not climbing rope but inexpensive utility rope made to look like climbing rope. The ropes outer jacket, the weave of the nylon threads are often loose, this allows abrasive sand to collect between the fibers causing the rope to start fraying. We use only real climbing rope, no exceptions.

Is your leash strong enough for your big dog?

The clips and carabiners used on inexpensive dog leashes do not compare to a quality marine grade 316 stainless steel clips we source from the diving industry, or American made climbing rope and CE rated carabiners identified for mountaineering and rock climbing. Your dogs safety is worth the added expense of a quality made leash.

Ask us about the strength and durability of our handmade dog leashes.

Ask us about the strength and durability of our handmade dog leashes, or read the specifications towards the bottom of each page featuring the different leash styles and colors.

We use only materials from outside the pet industry that is tested by independent labs to meet certain strength and safety standards used in mountaineering and rock climbing. This also applies to various industries that must specify a parts suitability for how its used, and the environment its used in. This would apply to our marine grade stainless steel clips. The main stream pet industry has no such standards.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way.

A dogs leash is its life line between you and harm’s way. Every leash we build is checked before and after assembly. If swivels need a little oil, its added, if the rope has fibers out of place it becomes discounted or donated to our local no kill shelters. When we screw up we make every effort to make things right with our customers. You will not find a better leash like what we build; you may not find better customer service either.

We need to be confident that our dogs are safe at our side when out walking. Your personal connection with your dogs is not lost on me, I get it, I have it for my dogs and all the dogs I work with and build leashes for. I’m not sure the same can be said with any product mass produced in the hundreds of thousands, and sold through corporate owned pet stores each year.

Every dog leash we build is handmade in USA and fairly priced to match its high quality.

Thanks for considering our climbing rope dog leashes for your medium to extra large dogs.

Josh Sterling

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