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Carabiner Dog Leashes

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Carabiner Dog Leashes built with Mountain Climbing Rope. Made in USA. MyDogsCool.com
Carabiner Dog Leash on a Medium Sized Dog of 35lbs / 16kilos

Carabiner Dog Leash, an excellent choice when properly matched with the correct dog.

Dog leashes designed with mountain climbing rope and carabiners are typically intended for medium to extra large dogs over 30 lbs.

The Cocker Spaniel pictured is a sturdy medium size dog weighing about 35lbs or 16 kilos. The use of a carabiner on smaller dogs may only be needed if your dog is an escape artist or is a risk of getting off leash.

The use of a carabiner not only adds strength to the leash, but also allows for the ability to quickly and temporarily shorten a long leash (see main picture) when you need to keep your dog close at your side. The picture shows the leash handle clipped into the carabiner. When crossing streets or walking in busy areas you may want to quickly shorten the leash without having to wrap the leash around your hand. Carabiners can be used in a variety of ways that help make the dog leash versatile.

Carabiner dog leashes are often used with strong dogs that have an equally strong prey drive. These dogs often have the strength, determination and occasional memory lapse in what otherwise would be a perfectly well trained and obedient dog. Without warning these dogs suddenly decide that the squirrel they spotted would be more fun than walking at your side.

A well made carabiner dog leash is also a good choice for those extra large dogs that are always cool, calm and relaxed until they spot all their friends and want to take part in the fun. They seem to have no idea that you are pulling in one direction as they insist you’re going the wrong way. When you need a leash strong enough for a Newfoundland, Mastiff or larger dogs, a carabiner is an excellent choice.

Only the best dog leash for your big dog. Hand built in the USA. MyDogsCool.com
Concerned with twisted and tangled leads – use the stainless steel swivel clip, or nanoSwivel and carabiner option. For large dogs easy to walk, a carabiner alone works great.

When is a carbiner not such a good choice?

If your dog is more a puppy and not leash trained, use a leash equipped with a swivel clip. We use 3.5 inch marine grade 316 Stainless Steel clips. These are stronger than most similar styled clips. A swivel clip will help keep your leash from getting tangled as you train your dog to walk on lead or any other basic obedience training.

Also, if you have one of those supper calm dogs that doesn’t seemed to be phased by much of anything or extremely well trained; a stainless steel clip is a perfectly fine choice. You can go both ways with these dogs.

Tell me about the carabiners used at MyDogsCool.com

We use forged aluminum compact locking carabiner that measure approximately 3.5 inches long and about 2.5 inches at the widest section with a baked on black powder coated finish.

These are rated for climbing and marked with a strength rating called kiloNewton (kN), a measure of force. They also bear the mark “CE” indicating they passed a strength testing requirement.  The locking screw gate adds to the safety and quality. We purchase these from US owned company that specialize in climbing gear. These are the real deal – no fakes or look alike carabiners.

We only use the best materials in the design of our custom climbing rope dog leashes. We invite you and your dog to give our dog leashes a try. If you have questions, please contact us.

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