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Value of Buying Handmade vs Mass Produced

The Value of Buying Handmade vs Mass Produced products is known to those who value the creative spirit and support the artisan, the craftsman, the entrepreneurs providing quality over quantity.

Regardless if an item is handcrafted or mass produced, people want a good deal. How you determine what a good deal is can be subjective and not limited to what’s written in this post.

Some people are more proactive in seeking out handmade or custom made products, these people are heroes keeping alive small businesses, independent trades, craftsmen, artist and struggling entrepreneurs.

Others like to comparison shop and may be less interested in handcrafted and more interested in a what they perceive as a bargain. Many consumers want the cheapest deal possible and this is where small businesses struggle to compete against corporations, foreign manufactures subsidized by their governments who purposefully undersell their  products to kill off competition.

Some of us shop with a sense of political savvy and greater understanding of the questionable practices certain corporations engage in to gain political favors, tax breaks and loop holes that largely go unchecked and not questioned. Those of us that are aware of this may protest or boycott these corporations. Handmade items would be an alternative source.

Corporations have been forced to wake up and look closer at both their own manufacturing methods and their suppliers.

The public is more often calling out these companies if they are suspected of engaging in any questionable human rights violations. Big corporations have been accused of such violations. Regardless if a product is handmade or mass produced, if it in some way violates a real or perceived sense of ethics or morals it will likely cause some consumers to look elsewhere for the products they want or need.

People are more conscious about how products can have an effect on various causes they believe in. If a product helps to support any various types of issues or helps to raise awareness to things important to the consumer, then it may not matter if the product is handmade or mass produced. People may even purchase an item not because they want or need it, but because they believe strongly in the cause they are helping to support.

People also have a strong sense of patronage or support for particular brands or the country in which a product is made.

The value of buying handmade vs mass produced products can be seen in how it encourages the craftsman, artist, entrepreneurs to continue improving their craft, and growing their business. This in turn helps supports families, and local communities especially in times when traditional work, and careers may not offer the job security they once did.

Handmade items often have a story behind them, a purpose and inspiration for their existence.

Artist, craftsmen and builders typically strive to produce a piece of work that they are proud of. It’s fairly common for a handcrafted item to be scrutinized by its maker far more than any mass produced product would be. They have an eye for detail and a desire to improve on what they make. If something does not pass their approval, it often wont be sold; this insures that customers are getting the best for what they are paying for.

Buy handmade when possible, there was a time when that’s all we had.

Joshua Sterling ~ MyDogsCool.com

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