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Selecting The Best Climbing Rope Dog Leash

The Best Dog Leash for large strong dogs. MyDogsCool.com
Bernese Mountain Dog with Blue Agave Climbing Rope Dog Leash & Carabiner.

Selecting The Best Climbing Rope Dog Leash is one of the best things you can do for you and your dog.

Climbing Rope Dog leashes are a simple design, and at the same time they are critical to a dog’s safety.

Dog leashes are often under built and under appreciated.

The use of quality hardware is not always a big consideration for mass-produced leashes sold in mainstream pet stores. It’s worth you and your dogs time to search online for companies that offer quality products for your dogs. Don’t feel a need to settle for what your local pet store offers.

Big dogs living an active lifestyle with their owners deserve the best dog leash you can reasonably afford.

Handmade dog leashes and those made in the USA have a reputation for being well made, but this is not always true. Pay close attention to how a leash is assembled. Even the best material will come apart if not assembled well.

Search for product reviews and ask questions to be sure your getting value for the money you spend. Unanswered questions are an indication of the type of service to expect.

The Bernese Mountain Dog like many big dogs can be some of the most gentle dogs, and still easily overpower you taking you for a walk in any direction they please. A sudden, and quick burst of energy can stress or break a low quality leash. It’s not that they will, it’s that they can. Using just any leash to control large dogs is an unnecessary risk to your dogs safety.

Climbing Rope Dog Leashes MyDogsCool.com
Ultimate Climbing Rope Dog Leash designed for large to extra large dogs.

Lets talk climbing rope.

Climbing rope is about the best material for building dog leashes for medium to extra large dogs. It’s also a bit expensive when compared to the cheap utility cordage used in many imported leashes. Watch out for catch phrases like “Climbing Rope Inspired” or Mountain Leash”. These tricky phrases help sell tens of thousands of cheap leashes that only put dogs at risk.

Climbing rope by law must meet certain strength standards before it can legally be sold for its original, and intend use of climbing. When used as a dog leash you have a material that is tested, trusted, and given a CE mark of approval. It will out last most any other dog leash made. The range of colors, and the ropes UV resistant design continues to provide advantages that other leashes can not match.

Climbing rope has a precise, and tight weave of nylon fibers that makes up the outer protective sheath or kernmantle as its sometimes called. The sheath on climbing rope is UV resistant and designed to protect the inner fibers that are arranged in multiple bundles. If the rope suffers a partial cut it is still strong enough to keep your dog from breaking free.

Climbing rope is one of the better choices for your next dog leash.


Selecting the best length for your dog leash.

A Handsfree Dog Leash is perfect for hiking with trained dogs. MyDogsCool.com
A Jaeger lead or Handsfree Leash is perfect for hiking or walking with well trained dogs.

Short Dog leashes.

Two, Three and Four foot leads are commonly consider short dog leashes, and give the most control when walking with medium to extra large dogs.

Training Leashes.

Dog Training leashes come in various lengths and configurations. It really depends on what you, and your dogs are training for to best select the ideal length.

Dog trainers will usually recommend a basic six foot leash for obedience training. This length gives you and your dog enough room to face one another when teaching certain commands. It also works well when teaching your dog to walk on lead. A six foot leash is a good general purpose lead where as some find that a four foot slip lead works for training dogs not to pull.

Long Dog leashes.

Long leashes over six foot allow your dog a controlled amount of freedom. In public spaces these may not be the best choice. Not everyone appreciates a strange dog with that much freedom approaching their space. Leash laws will often limit leashes to six foot.

Tracking leads are sometime ten or fifteen feet or longer. Professional working dogs such as police, military and search & rescue dogs will use these.

Big Dogs, Hiking mountains and Climbing Rope Dog Leashes. MyDogsCool.com
Long Climbing Rope Dog Leashes are perfect for hiking mountains & the back country with your dog.

Long leashes like the eight foot Jaeger or handsfree leash have many uses and very popular with people that enjoy hiking, trail running and jogging.

Mountaineering with dogs may be more adventurous than some would dare, but as you can see in the picture, people do it and request customs leads for their dogs.

The Jaeger or hands-free-leash is usually worn over the shoulder.

The remaining working length of leash is about four or five feet, and helps keep the dog in check. The entire length of the lead can also be used by clipping the handlers end of the lead to a belt or harness on their waist. The two swivel clips and stainless steel rings allow some adjustment to the leash.

Leashes can be equipped with a combination carabiner and CE rated 360 degree rotating nanoSwivels that provide both safety and tangle free movement. We refer to this style as the Ultimate Dog Leash. It’s a serious leash when strength, reliability and performance are exceptionally important.

Clips, Carabiners & nanoSwivels.

Most traditional style clips found on inexpensive leashes are the cheapest of the cast metal clips. They have a nice mirror polish but are mostly junk. Shop around as there are better clips.

We source manufacturers that provide breaking strengths and safe working loads on the clips they build. This lets us know that the 316 stainless steel clips we use are tested, and are a better match for medium to extra large dogs than the cheaper clips found on most all other dog leashes.

People using common pet store leashes typically don’t know how strong of a leash they have or don’t have.

The Hardware.

MyDogsCool uses 3.5 inch stainless steel clips. These have a 180lb working load and made of marine grade 316 stainless steel. These are first choice and work well for most medium and large dogs.

MyDogsCool uses a 3.5 inch hot forged aluminum carabiner with a screw gate. The screw gate locks the carabiner open or closed for additional safety. The CE rating ensures you have the same carabiner as what would be used in climbing. Forged aluminum is best, and cuts down on the weight.

Carabiners by themselves don’t swivel. Dogs that are not leash trained may be better off on a traditional style swivel clip to avoid tangling the lead. For those that want the added strength and safety of a carabiner, and still have an quality leash at an affordable price, the carabiner is about the best way to go.

MyDogsCool uses nanoSwivels, a specialized CE rated 360 swivel that’s only about 2.5 inches long. It’s primarily used by climbers but we like using it in combination with a locking carabiner as seen on our double dog leash and our popular Ultimate Dog Leash.

MyDogsCool uses solid aircraft aluminium rope connections that are unique, and original to our dog leash design. Others are copying our design, and fraudulently pass theirs off as original. Our original rope connections are customized, and fitted by hand for each leash then hydraulically compressed for a permanent connection. These will not pull off, they will not break or become loose over time. This keeps the connecting hardware secure to the leash, and helps increase the overall strength, reliability, durability, and overall safety of the leash when used with medium to extra large dogs.


If you have questions regarding a leash you are interested in, please contact us. We will reply promptly.

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