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Strong Dog Leashes

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Strong dog leashes are not as common as you might expect.

A dog leash in my mind is much the same as any other piece of gear or equipment used to help ensure a reasonable amount of safety. I need to have trust in the dog leash I use. It needs to hold up each and every day to a sometimes seemingly possessed dog determined to pull and drag me wherever he wants.

When it comes to well made dog leashes, not all manufacturers are building leashes with safety as a top priority and certainly not with the attention to detail that comes with a custom dog leash. Sure they build a reasonably well leash but you never really here much when these fail. They absolutely do not use quality materials.

Look at the last dog leash you purchased can you tell what type of metal is used for the clip, or what the working load is? What about the leash material? Is it stitched with nylon thread or cotton. Are the stress points bar-tacked or does it use one of those pitiful clamps that fold and hammered into the material?

We use CE rated Mountain Climbing Rope, Forged Aluminum Carabiners and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel all secured with our customized industrial strength rope connections. Each leash is built by hand specifically for the customer. Nothing is stocked or pre-built. Your leash is built custom for you and your dog.

Dogs are awesome! It’s always fun to see customers show off their dogs with a new leash.

Our dog leash design is original in how it’s assembled, and is among the best custom climbing rope dog leashes for medium to extra large dogs. Each leash we build is done with care and detail as if we are building them for our own dogs.

The power and strength in many dogs is not always appreciated. A quality dog leash used correctly can help ensure that you have the best chance in maintaining control over your big dog when the situation requires it. To do so, the leash must be built solid and reliable. This we do well.

We believe a dogs leash is its lifeline between you and hams way and mention this often as a reminder that we are committed to building strong dog leashes that are both reliable, and worthy of your awesome dogs.

If you have question regarding are custom dog leashes, please feel free to contact us.

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“We set out to build our own big dog a leash better than those we had wasted money on in the large pet stores. We never intended to sell custom dog leashes. People continued to ask about our leash. People had the same concern, we just want a dog leash we can trust, and look awesome!” – Josh Sterling MyDogsCool.com

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