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Custom Dog Leash Review

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Custom Dog Leash Review: Josh Sterling from MyDogsCool.com uses genuine climbing rope to make strong, tough and durable leashes for medium to extra large dogs. Known for its strength and reliability in extreme conditions, quality climbing rope of this kind consists of protective layers and coatings that prevent abrasion and repels water making it the perfect material for making dog leashes. Another factor with climbing rope is that it can come in a variety of styles and designs which allows Josh to produce some seriously cool looking leashes.

Custom Dog Leash Review - Milky Way Dog Lead - MyDogsCool.com
Milky Way Climbing Rope Dog Leash – photo by Off Leash

My Dogs Cool makes it very easy for you to choose your own custom style leash. Ordering consists of choosing your design and the length the leash you require. Where it gets really cool is having the choice of three different types of stainless steel clips rather than having a the usual generic inferior nickel plated clip that seems comes standard with most dog leashes these days.

The first option for a clip is the  traditional style which most are familiar with however, the major difference here is that  My Dogs Cool only uses stainless steel as standard which is uncommon. Stainless steel offers both strength and durability than can not be matched by generic nickel plated clips.

The second option is the Stainless Steel Carabiner. This style of carabiner is more likely to be found in marine applications than dog leashes however using carabiner enables you to  double up the dog leash by simply placing the handle of the leash into the carabiner which eliminated the need to wrap the leash around your hand. Genius!

The third option which is very unique and also my favorite, the Stainless Steel Marine Shackle. This quick release device is designed for use in sailing boats but on a My Dogs Cool leash it acts as a 360 degree swivel latch which allows you to easily attach and detach from the collar with one hand by lifting the pin. A simple yet very strong device that works well on a dog leash.

The two leashes that were road tested by Off Leash were the 4ft Milky Way with the standard stainless steel clip and the 4ft Forest Camo  with the Stainless Steel Quick release clip. Ordering from the store was simple and was very impressed that my two leashes arrived from United States within five business days.

Initial impression was that these leashes looked and felt strong. With no nautical background, I was a bit taken back by the quick release clip on the Forest Camo leash as it’s unique to see this style a dog leash but after using it and knowing how secure it feels it’s my top choice of the clips. Going out for a walk with our Labrador Zoe, a  real “puller”  on the lead at times when distracted, it was nice having the feel of the extra weight in the leash compared to a generic leash giving a greater feeling of  control over the dog. All up, a good looking strong leash for your medium to large dog.

The My Dogs Cool store allows you to easily configure your own leash from the available drop down menus.

My Dogs Cool donates portions of their sales to help support No Kill Animal Shelters. For more information regarding these uber cool leashes check out the  My Dogs Cool website.

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Milky Way Climbing Rope Dog Leash

  • 4ft Walking Leash built with 9.9mm Climbing Rope and Stainless Steel Clip.
    To customize this leash select options from the drop down menus.
    Price: $29.95
  • Select the Length of your Custom Dog Leash
  • Select the style of Clip for your Custom Dog Leash.
  • The optional second Loop Handle or Power Grip is built at the dogs end of the leash. This is great for crossing streets or when added control of your dog is needed.
  • $0.00