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Dog Training Leashes

Dog training leashes come in different lengths and styles.
Dog training leashes come in different lengths and styles. Six foot leashes are common for most dog training.


If you’re teaching your dog basic obedience skills, a 6ft training leash with swivel hook works well and is often recommended by professional dog trainers.

A six foot dog training leash allows room to face your dog when teaching basic commands, and still maintain control of your dog. Its also a good length for walking or hiking with your dog.

Shorter dog leashes allow more control keeping your dog closer by your side. This can be helpful in crowded or busy environments such as crossing streets or walking on sidewalks.

Slip Leads are sometimes used as a training leash for large dogs that would prefer to pull rather than walk on lead. When placed correctly over the dogs head and directly behind the ears, a 4ft slip lead can be an effective training leash for some dogs.

For slip leads to work, the dog must be at the handler’s side and not allowed to be out in front for this training leash to work correctly. An easy tug and release helps teach the dog not to pull. With some good training and consistency slip leads can help correct your dog from pulling.

As with any training your dog receives, it’s important that the trainer knows what they are doing. Slip leads are not for all dogs and must be used correctly. Patience and consistency will reward you with a dog that no longer pulls, and easy to take on walks.

There are many different dog training leashes. For most people a six foot training leash or a four foot slip lead are common but certainly not the only choice.

Climbing rope dog leashes come in a variety of styles, some better for training and others better for hiking, running or daily dog walks.

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