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A Dogs Leash Is Its Lifeline

A Dogs Leash is its Life Line. MyDogsCool.com
Lucky, an awesome pit bull mix with a custom climbing rope dog leash.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way.

Not all dog leashes are created equal, and not all dog leashes need to be custom made to keep your dog secure.

We are sometimes reminded by customers through emails and in person who have lost dogs to failed leashes, some with sad results. It’s these dogs that help inspire motivation and a continued desire to build what we think are the best custom dog leashes.

Even the best trained dogs can become overly excited, frightened or otherwise react in ways to free themselves or break away from an inferior leash.

Dogs can be incredibly powerful, fast and very capable of breaking free from many of the typical mass produced leashes sold by pet stores.

Most of us consider dogs as part of the family, why not provide them with a quality leash that you can trust?

To help insure that your dog is best equipped with a reliable, and strong leash requires parts and materials manufactured by companies that will not, and cannot except failure in the products they build.

We choose to build dog leashes using parts and materials from the same companies that build professional mountain climbing rope, and life safety equipment made in the USA. Companies like these are the best source for strong, lightweight, thoroughly tested, and certified climbing rope, carabiners and other hardware.

When converting climbing gear for use in custom dog leashes, we end up with a stronger, and better made dog leash that can easily withstand the largest dogs in the most worrisome situations.

Dogs deserve the best, and some have the size and strength that requires a better than average dog leash.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way.

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