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American Made Dog Leashes

American Made Climbing Rope Dog Leashes. MyDogsCool.com
K9 Fraser – Kentucky USA

American Made Climbing Rope Dog Leashes and why it matters.

A dog leash is such a simple design. A length of rope secured to the dog’s collar or harness allowing both the dog and handler to safely navigate their environment. Any rope or length of strap would do, why is one particular leash better than any other?

Any rope or length of strap won’t due. That’s one of the misunderstandings people have when selecting a leash for their dog.

Most people find themselves forced into selecting a leash from their local pet store based on the selection in stock. Four and six foot leads are typical with some stores looking to cut inventory cost and opting to sell only five foot leads.

The thought of being able to select a custom length or a particular clip style based on what works best for you, your dog and activity is hardly ever a consideration. To further think that a leash would be built specifically for medium to extra large dogs is another choice people don’t realize they have.

Not everyone sets out looking for American Made Climbing Rope Dog Leashes. Eventually some of us realize that the dogs in our care deserve quality in the few essential pieces of gear they require. It’s at this point people start to discover that companies exist that specialize in custom dog leashes. Many of these companies just happen to be American owned.

What about the materials used? How does one determine what is quality and what’s not?

You won’t find military specified materials in retail pet stores nor will you find leashes using real climbing rope. Instead you will find leashes that look like climbing rope but won’t provide the strength and durability of the real thing.

You’re not likely to find 316 stainless steel clips with load ratings or forged aluminum locking carabineers originally designed for rock climbing, mountain rescue or rappelling. These are quality parts tested and designed by manufacturers to meet certain safety standards, working loads, shock loads, breaking strength and more.

Many of the components we use to build our leashes are designed for situations where its intended use is subject to more extremes  than that of a dog leash.  Mass produced dog leashes imported for sale are not likely to offer a leash that’s anywhere near the quality of what My Dogs Cool offers.

Here at My Dogs Cool we just happen to be American. We enjoy that fact and feel an obligation that as Americans we can in our own small way build our business around the ethics we believe to be in danger of being lost. The same admirable work ethics, quality and old fashioned customer service that helped build this country are carried over to our products. That’s our intent and our goal.

We select the best materials to use in our custom climbing rope dog leashes and believe that our leashes are the equivalent to a dog’s lifeline between you and harm’s way. This ethic is not always shared among large corporations focused on maximizing profit.

We don’t believe that one size fits all. We offer customers the ability to select a custom length that is better suited for both them and their dog. The same is true for the selection of clips we carry. Most dogs do well with a stainless steel clip. This is better than what is found on most any other leash but still may not be suitable for an extra large dog that would be better suited for a stronger clip. We offer this choice because its essential and because large retailers don’t.

Regardless of what part of the world you live in, if big dogs are part of your life and you want the peace of mind that comes with having a custom leash designed specifically for you and your dog, consider an American made dog leash. We care and we think it matters.