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Totally Amazing Leash

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 My Dogs Cool - Citron Climbing Rope Dog Leash
Paco surveying the country side in Leitenbachklamm Austria
My Dogs Cool - Totally Amazing Leash
Paco – a Perdiguiero Portuguêse

I’ve been looking for a leash capable of withstanding my dogs’ antics for ages. During his lifetime (he’s 8) I’ve already gone through more leashes then I care to remember, usually fitted with the standard steel snap hook.

These snap hooks have broken off at the swivel point, even in the hook and once the push/pull thingy broke off. Some of the lines too were not always up to par as the stitching became unraveled and at a serious pull just gave way.

Also, I’ve got no idea how he does it, but my dog is very capable of somehow undoing a snap hook himself. On a couple of occasions I found myself looking at my dog suddenly going for a joyous romp through the mountains, when I thought he was safely attached to a 6ft leash. Not good!

So I finally reverted attaching 2 leashes to the dog. One attached to his collar, the other to his harness and both leashes hooked into a carabiner on my waist belt. On both leashes I had laboriously replaced the standard snap hooks with carabiners. It is a bit cumbersome and the dog tends to twist the lines into each other, but it does the trick and certainly has been good for my nerves.

My Dogs Cool - Paco testing a Citron Climbing Rope Dog Leash encounters a pig
Paco encounters a pig while testing a Custom Climbing Rope Dog Leash

No more double lines however! I ordered a 6-foot Citron Dog Leash with a stainless steel quick release hook. Since it’s been delivered, my dog and I have done some serious testing on a couple of mountain hikes, culminating in a nose to nose meeting between dog and a pig nose at an alpine farm.

My dog would have loved nothing better then getting a big bite out of this totally fresh piece of pork right in front of him. It was not for lack of trying that he didn’t succeed.

His new Citron Dog Leash with stainless steel quick release hook, however, kept him in check. It performed totally up to and beyond expectations!

I don’t know about my dog (since he no longer gets to go off and explore), but I certainly am totally happy with this leash! Thank you!

Review and photos by Gerdi Verwoert and Paco, a really cool Perdiguiero Portuguêse.  Gerdi works as a professional hiking guide in the Austrian Alps.