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Josh Sterling and Best friend Dakota building climbing rope dog leashes.

Josh Sterling & Dakota

There’s not much to say about us and our climbing rope dog leashes that hasn’t been mentioned. What you might not know is that our Dog Leashes are inspired by Dakota, a Doberman mix brought home from a high kill shelter.

Dakota is the best dog ever and rewarded with all the perks and benefits due to such a fine dog.

Dakota has free run of the house and rules for the most part are relaxed. In public or hiking back country trails or city streets the rules are enforced for his safety and when the leash is on Dakota knows this.

The both of us enjoy hiking and I have a preference for reliable outdoor gear. I require the same quality for my dogs.

Quality gear for dogs is not always easy to find. Signs of poor stitching, cheap rope or weak cast metal clips on major pet store leashes are surprisingly common and a potential problem especially if the dog is not leash trained and pulls or tries to get free of the leash.

Dakota with all his excellent qualities has a prey drive that if gone unchecked along with a failed leash was to risky. More training and reliable equipment are the solution. It was this thought that put me on track to build our first custom leash.

Custom gear for dogs is not something most retail stores stock. They mainly import inexpensive leashes and collars with little to no material descriptions or specifications helping customers determine if the leash will hold up to extreme use. For someone that wants a better than average product for their dogs, custom made is ideal.

Once we had  built a few dog leads people started to take notice and wanted one of their own. MyDogsCool.com was eventually created so that we could offer our custom leashes to those that wanted something better than what was commonly found in most mainstream pet stores.

We are working on other product ideas and when these are available we hope they are as much a success as our climbing rope dog leashes have been.

Veteran Owned Business

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harm’s way. We keep this thought in mind when building each and every leash.

Josh Sterling
Member of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association


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 • 562-66-6599