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  • Climbing Rope Dog Leashes by MyDogsCool.com

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Climbing Rope Dog Leashes Made in USA using new mountain climbing rope, carabiners, and marine grade stainless steel clips. Designed for the Big Dogs, climbing rope dog leashes are best used with medium to extra large dogs. Unlike similar styled dog leashes we use the best climbing rope, the same rope used by professional mountain climbers and mountain rescue teams.

A dogs leash is its life line between you and harm’s way. Using anything other than quality materials is not acceptable. A dogs leash is a simple design but should not be built with simple materials.

The climbing rope used in building your custom dog leash is NEW, CE rated, and available in various colors. We do not use factory seconds or recycled climbing rope as seen in less expensive versions of our own original climbing rope dog leashes. We offer different length and clips that are best suited for walking, training or hiking with your big dog.

For most dogs, a four or six foot dog leash with stainless steel clip is best. We always use quality 316 marine grade stainless steel clips. These are stronger and heaver than similar designed nickle and chrome plated clips used on most dog leashes. Stainless steel clips will last for years and work perfectly on our custom dog leashes.

Carabiner dog leashes are a popular choice for strong dogs. We use a forged aluminum compact locking carabiner. These will not swivel like our stainless steel clips. If you need the added strength of a carabiner, and the ability for it to swivel, take a look at our Ultimate Dog Leash with nanoSwivel and carabiner. If your large dog is well trained and relaxed on lead, a carabiner dog leash with out the swivel is just fine and still provides the added strength and safety expected from carabiners.

The Ultimate Dog Leash was originally designed for my own large dog during hikes in the mountains. Dogs with high prey drives can be a challenge when their brains switch in to chase mode. Even the best trained dogs can choose to ignore your every command. A 100lb dog with a mind to take chase will do just that if not controlled. One could at least hold on for the ride if using our Ultimate Dog Leash.

The ultimate dog leash uses a professional swivel with a stainless steel axle and sealed bearings. It’s machined from a solid block of high strength aluminum. The swivels are commonly used in mountain climbing and rescue work. Weighing in at 2.0 oz and 2.5 inches long, this is the lightest load-rated swivel available with a breaking strength around 5060lbs. These work perfectly with our climbing rope dog leashes.

Slip leads are a simple dog leash design. We took the English style slip lead and Americanized it with climbing rope and our original customized rope connections. A durable para cord adjustable keeper helps keep the slip lead in place. When used correctly these work great for training strong dogs not to pull on lead. Slip leads are popular with animal rescue teams, veterinarians and many dog trainers.

Jaeger dog leash, or a hands free over-the-shoulder dog leash is great for hiking with your big dog. These are worn over the shoulder and clip in to an adjustable O ring on the main leash or into a second O ring on the dogs end of the lead. This style dog leash allows you to keep your hands free and still maintain control of your dog. Hiking and jogging with your dog is a popular activity with this style leash. It’s another example of how climbing rope dog leashes can be used in a variety of ways with medium to extra large dogs.

For those lucky enough to have more than one dog, our double dog leash coupler is a good choice. Available in a regular or pro version, a coupler can be a good way to walk two dogs together.

Couplers or Double Dog Leash can be bought individually or with a matching leash. All couplers are designed to work with a carabiner dog leash. Leashes with a stainless steel clip will not fit the reinforced eye on the coupler. Although stronger than most dog couplers, these are not built with the intention of having your dogs pull anything.

Dogs are family. Some are professional working dogs, others rescues, pure breeds or mixed. They are all family, and we believe dogs deserve nothing less than the best. A climbing rope dog leash is a good start at keeping your big dog safe on your daily adventures around town or hikes in the mountains or backcountry.

We Support Local No Kill Shelters and Wolf Conservation & Education. Your purchase of a custom dog leash helps in our continued efforts to donate a portion of our sales to these causes.

Our custom climbing rope dog leashes & slip leads sell worldwide and are used by Professional Dog Trainers, Animal Rescue Teams, Military, Police K-9 Units, and those of us that just want a better than average dog leash.

Please read our customer reviews found on many product pages on this website, as well as reviews on shop at Etsy. Your opinion matters, and we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a review on our website, Facebook or link to us in blog post or websites, It’s all good and appreciated.

We’re committed to building the best climbing rope dog leashes in the USA for your medium to extra large dogs. We back this up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Thank you!
Josh Sterling