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The Best Climbing Rope Dog Leashes Designed for Big Dogs.
Mountain climbing rope makes the perfect leash for medium to extra large dogs and a perfect lead for walking or training.

Custom leashes come in different lengths and styles. A hands free leash or what is sometimes called a Jaeger lead works well for hiking, jogging or trail running with large dogs. Slip Leads work well as a training tool to help teach large dogs not to pull on lead.

We use only the best CE rated climbing rope. Each dog leash is custom built by hand for each and every order. We don’t stock pre-made leashes or import. We select the best hardware for our climbing rope dog leashes utilizing local USA manufactures whenever possible.

Quality materials like marine grade 316 stainless steel clips are used on all our dog leashes. We will never use inexpensive cast metal clips found on most imported pet store dog leashes. We offer optional CE rated forged aluminum Carabiners and 360 degree CNC machined Swivel for those wanting the ultimate climbing rope dog leash.

CE rated climbing rope, carabiners and 360 degree swivels are tested and rated originally for use in rock or mountain climbing by the manufacturer. This testing process insures that we always start with the best materials when building our custom dog leashes.

We appreciate the power and strength in big dogs and we’re committed to building the best leashes to help keep these dogs safely at your side.

Dogs are family, some being professional working dogs others are rescues, pure breeds or mixed. They are all family and we believe dogs deserve nothing less than the best climbing rope dog leashes.

We Support Local No Kill Shelters and Wolf Conservation & Education. Your purchase of a custom dog leash helps in our continued efforts to donate a portion of our sales to these causes.

Our custom climbing rope dog leashes & slip leads sell worldwide and are used by Professional Dog Trainers, Animal Rescue Teams, Military, Police K-9 Units and those of us that just want a better than average dog leash.

We build some of the Best Climbing Rope Dog Leashes Made in USA. Backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

A dogs leash is its lifeline between you and harms way.

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