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The Best Climbing Rope Dog Leashes Made in USA for both medium and extra large dogs.

Our current selection of walking and training leashes, rope slip leads and collars as well as our traffic and control leads are built to last for years of hard use.

Having worked with many dogs ranging from Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Dobermans, Labradors, Australian Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Salukis and a vast number of awesome rescue dogs. This opportunity has been both fun and invaluable to the design of our custom dog leashes.

The use of mountain climbing rope assembled with customized industrial connectors, 316 stainless steel clips, forged aluminum carabiners and military approved hardware helps ensure we always build strong and reliable dog leashes.

Our leashes are built by hand for each and every order. Although many people are happy with standard length dog leashes, others want a very specific length, style of clip or other modification not found on most leashes. Our customers take their dogs seriously and so do we. These dogs are both family and professional working dogs. We believe dog deserve nothing less than the best.

Our custom climbing rope dog leashes sell worldwide and used by Professional Dog Trainers, Animal Rescue Teams, Military, Police K-9 Units and regular people wanting a better than average dog leash.

For those preferring a slip lead vs. a regular leash you may like what we call our American Style Slip Leads. These work great as a training tool for medium to extra large dogs learning to walk on lead. Based on the British Slip Lead and upgraded with stronger rope, welded stainless steel O ring and mil spec paracord keeper with optional carabiner.

Animal Rescue Teams routinely use our slip leads in kennels and in the field when rescuing strays or abandoned dogs.

We build some of the Best Climbing Rope Dog Leashes Made in USA and backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Josh Sterling

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